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  • HI, another newbie

    Hey everyone. just got my R-E L's on friday. Its something ive wanted to do for about 4 years but after tallking to one of my mates who rides i finally went and got it took me 3 minutes to do and i got 100% i was quite impressed with myself haha.

    I'm now in the process of saving for my 1st bike so i can start riding. My mates offered to ride with me to help me out till im ready for my practical test. But after reading the forums over the last 2 days it seems theres no shortage of People willing to help out. Its amazing and im loving the atmosphere already

    I'd love to get some advice on what to get.

    The 2 im very keen on atm are a zzr250 or cbr250rr. However as im nearly 6 foot and 90kg 1 person i spoke to said i should look at the across as its a bigger bike. I'd love to hear from ppl around my size as to what they have found comfortable. Also the big question... buy from a dealer or privately? and who can do bike checks before i buy it?

    Thanks in advance and i cant wait to get a bike and come out on a newbie cruise and meet some of you.

    2008 ZX14 SE

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    Hi are about to hear a variety of opinions...

    But the one correct one is....

    PSB Rocks...


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      howz goin !
      In The PSB Garage
      The build/tidy thread


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        Hi HLUCIN8
        Welcome to PSB
        Try some bikes on for size is the way to go
        See you 'round


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          Hey David,

          Welcome to the forum.

          Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Savs!


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            Welcome aboard, I know a few 'Big' boys on GPX's, but I think the Hyo is a little bigger so not so squashy


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              Hi David,
              Welcome to PSB.
              Good luck with the bike hunting.
              Riding - Living the dream...


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                sit on the Hyo its prob the tallest of the 250s around. If you can handle the ribbing its not a bad bike
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                  Howdy friend !!


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                    Heyya Dave, welcome to PSB. Enjoy your surf around. Ignore the minor issues with the forum. The mods occassionally like a challenge


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                      welcome to PSB


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                        Welcome buddy Save as hard as u can so u can feel what real freedom is...
                        * I take no responsibility for my posts! The lil man in my head makes me type it... ^_^


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                          Sit on all the bikes you can, Hyo seems like a good bike for the tall people among us.


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                            Welcome to the circus mate... its um... kinda broken at the moment but kinda not too..

                            Bikes... both you mentioned will be ok. Im 6'2" and happily rode a VTR250 for a while. Go chuck a leg over a few though and see what feels best to you. After all, your the one thats going to be sitting on it for hours on end
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                              gday and welcome to psb...

                              vtrs aint bad learner bikes