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  • Best roads in WA

    a big hello to the west coast riders from the east coaster...

    this may not be the best section to post my query but seeing as i haven't formally introduced myself, i thought i'd do this first.

    so im a former perth lad (sor) now living in sydney and have been riding since august. after many years faffing about, i finally got my license and am now the proud owner of a honda spada (enter 300 movie quote here). they're a great bike to learn on and for the budget concious, worth looking into.

    anyway, i'll be heading back for a holiday soon and hoping to ride with some friends. can anyone suggest any good riding roads with some nice twisties?

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    Mitchell Freeway is good, nice wide bends, good visibility...

    You won't get many real answers on here, we try not to advertise the fun roads just in case the boys in blue take notice


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      G'day mate, welcome to PSB.

      As you know, WA isn't exactly blessed with good roads, so we don't like to publicise the ones we know about. All sorts of people read these forums.

      Your best bet is to come out on a group ride once you're here, we'll look after you
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        cheers for the reply guys. happy to tag along on a group ride and meet some new riders. see ya's soon