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  • Hello PSB

    G'day every one,

    "It's my first day!"

    I'm very new to the motor bike scene, had my R-E learners for a little while but not yet done any thing about. That should be changing next month, it's time to get some lessons and get serious about looking for a learners bike.

    I seem to know a couple of people on here already, I work FIFO at Murrin with Arwon, couldn't tell you every body elses nick's though.

    I'm a pretty easy going guy and will be likely looking to go on some cruises when I've got myself sorted, so I'm sure I'll be seeing some of you around. To start, see you on the threads,


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    Hello & welcome


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      enjoy PSB! is good stuff


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        Hiya! Same as me, first lesson this Saturday, can't afford a bike just yet so that's a little way off - but I'll get there!

        See you round
        R Legal and loving it


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          Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay


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            and its about time too. will have to talk someone into upgrading then you can buy an awesome blue VTR250.
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              Originally posted by kyliejane
              benjamin is nobodys friend. if benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.
              Originally posted by harns
              Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation



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                Welcome to PSB
                Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Savs!


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                  Hi, welcome to PSB. Enjoy your stay!


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                    Hi ya, welcome to psb
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                      hey mate... welcome to psb

                      what bike u looking at getting?


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                        welcome to the bike scene, have fun sniffing around, don't let glenn influence ur taste in bikes!!

                        c u out there


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                          welcome and enjoy
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                            I'll do my best Joneen, I stopped by his office today and for some reason all I could say when I walked out was "R1" and "lean angle".

                            G'day Kali, I'm on site for another 2 or 3 weeks, so no lessons for me until then. I tried to organise at least one just before I came to work, but there's a lot of busy instructor's out there it seems.

                            G'day Rudleo, to be honest I'm not really too settled on any one thing in particular. Nothing new, I was probably thinking sub 5000, figuring that I will more than likely move on to some thing else after a year or so. Aesthetics don't mean the world to me so if it doesn't look the best but it's cheap and solid mechanically I'd consider it.

                            I'm quite a lazy person though, so if there's bikes coming available from people I know as they upgrade I'm likely to grab one from them - convenience gets me every time.

                            Hello back to every one else!


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                              Hey mate, welcome to PSB, enjoy the site and GL with RE license, sure you'll be fine.

                              * cough * PS - My Hyo GT250R is for sale, PM if your keen * cough *
                              `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute: