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  • Hi

    Hi all, well it took me awhile to register but thought why not hey.
    I have 4.5 bikes, My 01 bird(currently getting resprayed), A suzuki M109R, A 98 Yammie TTR600 belgarda(just finished rebuilding),A old TT350 for the missus to learn on and a pocket bike for my boy but will prob sell that and get something a little more suitable for him.
    My missus and I have been to the Isle of Man TT this year and wow what an awesome event. We shipped our bird over and travelled thru scotland etc. Great experience.
    Now we have formed a motorcycle shipping biz based soley in WA cos for the rest of OZ we seem to be in the too hard basket. We specialize in tours to the UK and the Isle of Man and UK and at a later point to NZ....the best roads in the world
    We are also in the middle of designing Tshirts (for bikers by bikers) and I also sell Intercom units for helmets etc but more about all that somewhere else hey...
    Look forward to being part of the forum and hearing and sharing your stories etc.
    Couple of pics of my bikes as well.....

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    awesome...great to have you aboard... enjoy your time here
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      Hey Greg

      good meeting you up at currambine last night. Go a put up a post in the for sale wanted section or general bike talk about your products and what you offer.

      Real good chance you'll get some positive feedback mate.

      C u out there, welcome to PSB


      `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:


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        the motorbikes looking out across the feild at the hill is a nice shot

        welcome to PSB

        enjoy your stay

        seeya around



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          G'day gc33 welcome to PSB , bestest place in the whole interwebs
          In The PSB Garage
          The build/tidy thread


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            'nother XX owner here. Got the same 4 --> 1 roopipe kit too

            welcome to PSB, see you out & about.


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              Thanks all. Just gettin my bird resprayed after it fell over at a servo just outta dundee in scotland...bugger. Anyways I have some custom decals to go on it now. something different,chrome Gold XX and general lettering round the bike with superblackbird done in chrome silver. Against the candy apple red should look good...hoping!
              Karlos,listed headsets so will see what goes. I have a blueant job comin up for sale as well....


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                welcome and enjoy your stay
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                  Originally posted by De-evolve View Post
                  the motorbikes looking out across the feild at the hill is a nice shot
                  Probably my favourite pic. It was taken up on the Bungalow at Joey dunlops memorial on the Isle of Man. Note my no plate :-)