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Ok I'll stop lurking and introduce myself

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  • Ok I'll stop lurking and introduce myself

    Hey all

    I've been reading these forums daily and making the odd post here and there, and thought I better actually introduce myself. I came across PSB after entering the Show'n'shine at the MAD charity ride, and find it very interesting to read about local events and local issues for us riders.

    I've only been riding for about 2 years after being a car guy for the last 17 years, but I've owned every American Muscle Car I ever wanted to own and got bored of it. I started out on a Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator and rode it every single day for about 14 months regardless of the weather to ensure I built up experience through hours spent in the saddle in all sort of conditions. That lasted until some assclown in a Commodore knocked me off it, so I took the opportunity to finally buy a bigger bike (having already got the R class license).

    I now have a Kawasaki VN800 which I bought with the sole intention of building into a custom "Old School" Bobber, which took the best part of 4 months to complete and worked out just as I'd hoped it would (see below for the before and after pics). It was the very first time I'd laid a spanner on a bike and I did everything myself except for the paint, and trimming the seat pan. Only problem is I've gone so far with it I can't really use it as a daily rider any more, and so now only ride on weekends when it's sunny. I think I'll build a "Rat" bike next time to solve that problem...

    I see the vast majority of people on here ride sports bikes not cruisers, but I think most of us appreciate anything on two wheels so be sure to say hi if you see me around.

    My bike (before)

    My bike (after)

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    welcome to PSB


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      Welcome to the circus

      Very unique ride!. Nice work
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        Great looking bike there mate Welcome to PSB ... We love anything two wheels
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          oh hai




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            Welcome to PSB enjoy the madness
            Sweet Ride looks like you put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into that well done


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              Welcome aboard!
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                Hi, nice looking bike there! Some of us don't even have bikes (yet!)

                Have fun and see you around
                R Legal and loving it


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                  Hi ya...Nice job on the bike.


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                    Welcome aboard

                    Nice ride, good to see you got it into the show and shine.


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                      Hi El Skitzo.
                      Welcome to PSB..
                      Great custom job with the bike.
                      Riding - Living the dream...


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                        hey there skitzo

                        nice ride mate, very custom

                        enjoy PSB
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                          Nice one and welcome!
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                            Your bike looks fuckin sweet


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                              welcome mate