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  • Youngin' sayin' hello

    Well I'd like to introduce myself after lurking, I'm Simon and I've taken a keen interest in riding, I'm 17 at the moment and ages ago my dad used to have a fair few bikes and I have fond memories of riding with him however he sold them all due to finance issues and not getting out and riding them very often, however recently I think I may have rekindled his interest as he as been eying the quokka for some bargain motorcycles.

    As I have just finished school and have no job my plan is to get one, get my R-E learners permit, save up and get a cheap 250, then hopefully get my license and take it from there.

    One route I thought about was instead of buying a cheap 250, buy some good gear and divert that money towards motorcycle lessons and the test then once I get my full R-E worry about getting my own bike, what it the most common method that people go through?

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    Gday mate, welcome to PSB
    `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:


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      G'day kiknet

      I learnt how to ride (i.e. how to operate a motorcycle) on a mate's Gixxer, then had lessons through a school.

      Looked at a few bikes in the weeks leading up to my test.

      Ended up buying my VTR250 the day before I got my licence.
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        Hi Simon, welcome aboard.

        Having your own bike and a backyard or carpark nearby where you can practise low speed control will accelerate your learning process no end.

        Of course, safety's important - so allow $500 (barely adequate, mostly scrounged or second hand) to $1000 (halfway reasonable) for decent gear before you do anything.

        Then a couple lessons for basic control of the bike.

        If you can, buy the bike next, then mix it up with some practising and lessons before going for the test.

        Hey if the cash ain't there for the bike then do the lessons and test on the instructor's bike, then pester the old man until he caves and buys himself a bike. That you can ride
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          Hi Kiknet, welcome to PSB.
          All the best with getting your 2fiddy.
          Riding - Living the dream...


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            i bought my first bike (nsr150sp) before i had my licence and would cruise around the backstreets or get my dad to ride next to me on my mums scooter (pretty smooth i know) to get my coordination and confidence up.then as soon as i passed my test i hit the highway with a huge cloud of smoke and a loud buzz


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              Definitely pay for some lessons first most instructors have a full range of gear for you to borrow and save save save

              And if you want a job send an email to ~ shane AT donvica DOT com


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                What Starfish says

                Welcome to the world of bikes, I'm sure it won't be long before you have your Dad back out on the road as well


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                  Hi Simon, welcome to PSB. Enjoy your stay!

                  +1 for a VTR250 if you can find one to suit your budget, they're a great L bike ...


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                    Just don't be like me and get your R-E over 2 years ago and still not have a bike. At this rate I am gonna need lessons all over again before I can test ride anything!!



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                      Well today we stopped by some motorcycle stores and just had a browse, all the bikes so puurdy, while it isn't much at least I'm sorta getting my foot in the door. I think my dad is willing to help me find an old 250 that needs some work and fixing up then I will be able to have that.

                      Also, now that I look at it I guess my dad is a bit squidly, throughout all his motorbikes he never wore gear (except helmet and at least it was full face) and when I talked to him about buying some he goes " Gear?? What gear? You don't need gear boy, just a helmet, if you fall off your going to get hurt anyway"

                      And he said if I can sell his old jacket (that he never wore once lol) I can put the money towards a bike, It's a BMW Airflow one, I was thinking of putting it on ebay since I think that's the only way he will give it too me, any ideas on how much it's worth? I checked out a new one today and that was 660$


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                        haha son of squid.

                        Wack it in the for sale section here, someone might snap it up.



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                          how ya goin simon, welcome

                          definately invest in some lessons at least an instructor can point out any bad habits your pickin up while learnin on your own

                          good luck man


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                            welcome to psb mate