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  • Hello

    Hello to all the Perth Street Bike gang.

    Don't know why I didn't search for a local bike forum years back.

    Been riding for a while but only four bikes. Obligatory 250 then 750, followed by an RF900 Manta Ray which I had for 12 years but for various reasons didn't put many kays on it. Anyway, I saw a pic of the new K8 Hayabusa on the internet and went straight to the local dealer and ordered one. Sold the RF to a good home and picked it up the new bike last weekend.

    If you see a Blue/Black K8 'busa with a rider whose grin is breaking the helmet, that'll be me.


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    hey mate.. welcome to psb


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      seems to be quite a few people around with helmet breaking grins at the moment


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        Welcome andw - I gotsa k6 bus, the new ones aren't doing it for me looks wise but they're growing on me.

        What DOES do it for me on the new ones is the powah++ in the new motors

        Enjoy your ride mate, stay safe!
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          Welcome aboard Bus rider

          See you out there sometime


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            Welcome and you`ll find there are quite a few ppl on here with Busses........
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              Dont worry about the bus thing... like most illnesses you recover eventually.

              Enjoy the circus that is PSB
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