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  • Thanks for the welcome

    Hey guys and ladies, so I took everyone's advice on board... went to DPI last week and got my L's. Gonna be having a few professional lessons and I'm bugging my mates with bikes for tips, lessons, instruction etc. Soon enough I will be out there doing it I don't normally do New Year Resolutions but I guess as close as I'll get is saying I'll have my licence early in the New Year. Hope to meet some Perth crew after that!
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    Morning, bit early on a sunday innit?


    keep your eye out there are a few PSB crew from mandurah to collie to bunbury for when you get your license



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      Woo hoo you'll never look back

      There's a few guys in Australind, my son included (thugluv on here), he's bogged down a bit atm, getting married in Jan, building a house in Kingston etc. but I'm sure he'll be up for a ride when you're legal on two wheels


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        The wait on tests at the moment is pretty horrendous, so book in when you can!
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          Have fun on here and on two wheels! Welcome!
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            Hi welcome PSB

            GL with your lessons, you'll be fine
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