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  • Hi from SOR

    Hi the names Duke,
    im 29 and just decided to get my motor bike license the other day. Something i've been putting off for nearly 15 years. But i finally took that little leap. 15Questions you say,not much of a leap. small steps i say.

    I am hoping you all can help me out here and let me know of any good instructors that will service the Freo, South Lake area??? would really appreciate the help.

    I look forward to getting my opens in due course, and taking one of these pack rides your guys are into. sound like a lot of fun, n im up for a few life changing experiences...

    look forward to chatting to you soon


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    let me be the first to say..

    Welcome !

    Lots of guys around your way mate, holler if you need a hand with bike selection.. etc..
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      welcome mate.

      check the for sale section. a few good 250s up for grabs atm.


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        Welcome Duke. I was in the same predicament 2 years ago. Put off getting my license for 11 years and so I bought a GPX 250 and got my RE at 28. Don't spend up big on your 250, buy something cheap as you will want to upgrade it pretty quickly.

        Just remember to always check blind spots, anticipate escape routes and don't trust other motorists. Once you are on your bike look after number 1 (and 2 if pillioning).

        Get out there, be safe and you'll enjoy every minute of it, I know I have. I have managed to put 24000km's on the GPX and 3000 on my new bike in just under 2 years.



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          Hi Duke, Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling. My wife has recently made the big decision also and is on her L's at the moment. Wise move to try and get a good instructor, they know what is required to get through your test and will skill you in thiose aspects. (PM sent) As any seasoned rider will tell you though, the best instructor is experience, only time on the bike will hone your skills but getting the RIGHT advice from the start means you won't get bad habits entrenched. There are some excellent rides organised by Stoneville. Check out the Two Fiddy section of this forum. Later on you may want to further develop your skills with some advanced ride days. Happy biking!
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            if you're just looking for ride time, we often have a meeting at maccas in kwinana on a friday evening - have a coffee, cake and chat for a bit ( usually bike stuff, but the convo goes in any direction )

            Then out for a ride, nothing break neck - just here - there and everywhere..

            it's 250 friendly, cos the racing is best left at barbagalo's..

            we can take you out, give you some help.. and if you need practice.. we can just stand around and watch you do e-brakes.. if you like
            Come and see us in the 2011 Avon Descent - we're racing boat #234 !


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              G'day and welcome!
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                Welcome aboard fellow southerner.

                Im not far from you so once you get two wheels Im happy to shadow you to the LNR's.

                There's a bloke in the new part of south lake that's an instructor for both cars & bikes. He's not bad and reasonably priced. I'll see if I can dig his details up.

                In the mean time.. enjoy!
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                  Hiya welcome to PSB.... Enjoy


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                    Welcome and check out the 250`s section for FAQ and rides! Have fun out there!
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                      Hi Duke, welcome to PSB.

                      Oh, and buy the bike that I've got posted.
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                        Allo Duke

                        Welcome to PSB, congrats on making the big step up to getting the bike license. Enjoy the freedom now for sure

                        C u out there
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                          Hey Dukes,
                          Get yaself a Duke!
                          Welcome and have fun
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                            A wise choice. I left it until the ripe old age of 30, been on the bike for close to 2 years now. I ride almost every day rain or shine. PSB is another great discovery.

                            I just wish I'd done it all sooner.
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                              Originally posted by mekon76 View Post
                              I left it until the ripe old age of 30,

                              I just wish I'd done it all sooner.
                              Won't tell you what ripe ol age I left it till...
                              Have fun getting your license and your bike, best thing you will ever do.
                              Why be difficult?
                              Put some effort into it and be IMPOSSIBLE !