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    Hi I bought my first VFR800 in 1999 from Causeway Honda in Perth and shipped it, still in its Honda crate, to Brunei where I was working. Came off it once in a monsoon storm there!!. Had it for nine months in Brunei so I don't have to pay VAT when I shipped it back to England.. It then went with me to Ireland for 3 years and then back to England.. It's been a constant companion and we've had our share of misfortune mostly down to other drivers but it's now done 225,400 kms. I was convinced that after second to last prang (tee boned by a white van man at a roundabout) with it it would be written off, so I thought I'd buy another one the same year as I could use my Aussie bike as spares. My wife found a mint example close to home with a 100,000 miles less than Aussie. The insurance messed up and didn't write Aussie off so with a little money and the internet I got it back on the road. I managed to convince my wife I should keep both, one for winter and one for summer. She agreed - Result.. So I now have English and Aussie.. Two weeks after getting Aussie back on the road a car cut the corner at a mini roundabout and ploughed in to me.. A year later I've just about got it ready to be back on the road again (and added metal and screws in my leg), although I've just noticed that one fork leg is slightly bent so I'll see how that rides if it passes its MOT.
    What motorcycling does is put a smile on your face.. I'm now 63 and ride to work all year round, unless there's snow, (I'm mad, not stupid).. I've attended a speedway school once a year for the last four years (missed last year because in hospital getting my leg sorted as previously mentioned) and love that too.. I used to do Grass track racing when I was younger so bikes have always been in my blood.. Enough of my inane chatter.
    Take care all. Ride safely. Fast when it's appropriate, slow when it's not..