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Hi all, track day anyone?

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  • Hi all, track day anyone?

    Hi all, just joined up and keen to do my first track day... ever! Bought a 2015 MT-09 a few months ago. Getting a tune and a quick shifter put on next week so keen to try my first track day. Any takers or events that I can jump on? I live in Subi. Originally from Wales and hitting a mid-life crisis... hence the new bike! Loving the naked... so much more comfy than my old sports bike but still loadsa fun!

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    Trakdayz, MCRC, Champions and HCMC all run tuning/track days and have been supporting WA Racing for a long time...18yrs for Trakdayz. Use one of these organisations.

    There is another mob (who I refuse to name but others will, who are NOT local) who received an exclusive deal to operate during the tracks closure to motorcycles, from the Car the expense of all other local operators.
    All I've got and more for #294...RIP Chris Adley
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    Originally posted by Ryanoceros
    Wooohoo !! Fucking 10/10 ride. Cheers for that Aari, you really conditioned my sphincter


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      I'll be up and around at most Wanneroo or Collie days, MCRC also are running the "Naked Cup" this year for the first time, which is a class to race naked bikes!