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  • Hello there!

    I am new here so I am saying a quick hi. I have been driving for a few but recently had my carpark spot taken away at work and had since sold my car.
    i just got put on shifts for the next 6 months due to covid19 which requires me to be on the roads for approximately 30-40minutes at around 5-530am, 1130-1240pm, and 630pm-7pm.
    i stay approximately 30-40minutes walk to the busport and therefore am thinking of hopping on a moped for these 6 months just to tide the travelling time to and fro work while i obtain a RE license.

    I do not have to be on freeways although i do have two stretches of roads that have a 70km/hr limit (one being Thomas St). I am hoping that a moped will work for now seeing that i will be on the road during off-peakish periods. I have had people who were understanding and patient while i was a newbie driver years ago and I hope I will continue to meet such kindness.

    I really welcome any point-outs and advice. Thank you for your patience. Apologies that this isn't an exciting intro.


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    Hi mate. Keep your eyes open , try to allow for drivers stupidity, be extra careful of driveways and side streets is a good starting point. Try to get your RE as soon as you can, as from what I’ve seen the scooters are shit to ride and more dangerous as a result of being so gutless. Once you’re on a real bike you’ll wonder why you put up with the cage for as long as you did. Good luck and enjoy


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      Will be chilly at 5am. Buy some warm gear and it should be okay. Welcome to two wheels. You will surely enjoy it!