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Newbie starting out.. To buy or not to buy?

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  • Newbie starting out.. To buy or not to buy?

    G'day PSB, I done my 1st motorcycle lesson Sunday. It was good having never been on a bike before. I'm 31 and it's been a plan on the back burner for way too long! My instructor directed me here (Anthony from Elite Training).

    Is it a good or bad idea to be looking to buy a bike this early in my learning? Or will it help me with practice? I don't know anyone with a bike, is it difficult to find someone to help learn with supervising while I am on my learners so I don't have to shell out for lessons every time.

    Or do I wait and pay for lessons only so as not to pick up any bad habits?

    Thanks all!

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    Was thinking of an cheap old cruiser, something safe, good to ride and preferably sonething which has a few scuffs already so it won't break my heart if I add to it. Being realistic as a complete learner, don't want to buy something pristine and put the first scuffs on!


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      Hi mate, good work deciding to give it a go. I don’t know your circumstances but if it was me I’d pay for a few lessons first, just to make sure it’s what you’re thinking it is. Then absolutely get your first bike (most likely the crappest one you’ll ever own, and most fondly remembered) and put out a request for shadows in your area, usually someone will be happy to help you along. Welcome to the club


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        Agree with Water Pig, a few lessons to get a bit of a feel for it first, then definitely get a bike. There's a reasonable write up of different beginner bike options in the "Two fiddy and LAMS" section of the forum, you can also find test info and good advice in there. The bike list might be a little out of date, but the arguments presented for and against are still valid. Good luck with your lessons, and welcome to the community


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          Hey mate, I was in the same boat a few weeks back! 31 never been on a bike before

          I started looking for a bike after my first lesson, if only just to tinker with and familiarise myself with everything. My initial plan was to buy the bike I wanted (XSR700) but I changed my mind and decided to set a budget of $2500. For that price range there’s a surprising amount of range out there

          i managed to pick up an 07 VTR250 for under my budget. Good looking bike, goes great for a 250, nice and torquey and very forgiving. Much easier to control throttle and clutch than the twitchy 125 I learn on. Apparently they are bulletproof, next to no fairings to damage when you drop it and they seem to hold their value fairly well for when it comes time to upgrade. Also, being a standard, they have a nice upright riding position. Worth checking out

          have fun and be safe


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            I couldn't wait and bought a new bike before I even had a 1st lesson. It's a double-edged sword... I regretted paying a new bike premium for a bike I'd ultimately sell once I got my unrestricted license, but then I regretted selling it because it was a decent cheap mode of transport that wasn't as bonkers at a 1L bike