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Sorta newbie, back in Perth!

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  • Sorta newbie, back in Perth!

    Hi PSB,

    Waaayyy back in 2007 I used to occasionally haunt PSB, and even occasionally did a weekend ride with the group around the Perth hinterland. After a 3 year stint in NZ (sans motorbike unfortunately), last year, my partner and I decided to move back to Perth just before they started charging for the 2 week quarantine!

    As an old and boring man now, the thrill and excitement of large sport bikes does hold as much appeal. I commute on a lovely 2-smoker (TS250X, 1987). So if you are in the Rockingham/Henderson area and see a cloud of smoke, it might be me :-) My other bike related interest is the restoration of a Honda VT250 (Spada). I may start a restore thread if anyone is interested.

    I don't know if the google photo sharing works, but a pic of the 2-smoker is below: