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  • Original PSB crew

    I just stumbled upon this forum... it's been a while!
    Any original PSBers still here??? would love to catch up
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    PSB is not what it used to be I'm afraid, not too many old timers still here


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      Yes, I have recently jumped back in and was suprised to how little activity there is. What happened to all the group rides!!


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        All went to fb or private group chats. FNR was still being held regularly for a while and another member was running learner rides, but haven't heard/seen much of anything in a while.
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          I just logged on in the first time in about 8 years...
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            Originally posted by Shortfuse View Post
            I just logged on in the first time in about 8 years...
            Hi there my friend, I have logged in a couple of times recently as well. Sure has died in the bum, it just shows that a forum is really driven by a very small percentage of it's total membership. Motorbike ownership is not appealing to the younger generation, it is the domain of us more mature owners and riders.
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