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erm, ok, its a bloodee scoota

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  • erm, ok, its a bloodee scoota

    G’day all,
    Dropping in to say hi and pose a question.
    At the moment I’m on a Gilera Runner vxr 200, great fun scoot and pretty quick.

    I’m looking at buying a bike soonish, looking seriously at the kawa versys, Triumph Scrambler or maybe thruxton. After something that can whip through the traffic queues and enough oomph to hang with my brother on his old Ducati 860gts on the open road though my scoot eats his bike in the city.

    Had a few bikes some years ago, all small cc machines, Honda 400/4 and a Royal Enfield 350 bullit in India.

    Though what I’m really hanging out for is somewhere to pick up some skills, rider training, cornering technique etc, and I’d like to do it NOW, before I get my bigger bike.
    And I canna seem to find anywhere that can help, any ideas ?

    I’ve noticed that overseas scooter racing is Huge, and getting bigger over east as well, maybe will catch on here ?

    Anyways, coffee certainly kicked in , so excuse the dribble

    Cheers and no more giving the finger to me on da scoot

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    There is quite a lot of information/discussion on the forum if you search around for it, but in any case these are probably what you are looking for:

    AHG Driving Centre : Rider Training Australia : Advanced Ride Day
    The ARD has everything you are looking for plus a chance to have a play on the little track out near the airport. Not sure if scooters are catered for so maybe you should check first.

    Alert Motorcycle School
    The Advanced Roadcraft course is more road based than the ARD, and is also excellent. Again not sure if the scooter is suitable for this, but if it isn't they can hire you a 600 Hornet for the day as part of the deal.

    I have done both of these and they do wonders for your skills and confidence.

    Good luck and welcome to PSB
    Adventure before Dementia


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      All the courses I know of involve using your own bike, so it might be best to get your bike first, then go through some training on the new beast

      Also, if you are looking at the versys, check out the ER6f/ER6n. Same motor, same lots of things. The versys is like the dual sport/touring version of the ER6's. I have the ER6n, and I reckon it's a PERFECT all rounder bike (except for the lack of fairings if you're into high high speed country stuff). Smooth, easy and comfy in traffic, easy to take through the twistier stuff, and can even do a pretty good wheelie ^_^

      Good luck with the bike hunt!
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        Welcome to PSB Check out the 250 section and come for a spin


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          go a thruxton and welcome along !

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            Morgs i did send off a few questions to AHG just before i posted here, waitin n seei'n.
            And i did have a wee look @ the ER6n, now for a bit of a search, looks quickkkk.
            And cheers for the invite tbone, once I have a bike I'm there..

            Take it easy


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              welcome.....nothing wrong with a Gilera. An old friend of mine (now passed away) had a Gilera 125cc road bike. It was absolutley beautiful. I wonder where it is now?
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              I'm probably fucking something up.
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                Hello and Welcome

                Go and see the guys at AHG I've done the ARD twice. Can highly recomend Andrea and Steve they are awesome blokes who will give you great skills well worth it. Alternatively get out on one of Stoney's two fiddy rides most of the people on those rides are more than happy enough to help out! See you out there...


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                  the only thing i'll say is that the Trumpy Scrambler is not a small bike. I got the impression it is both long and wide, so it may not actually be ideal for high traffic commuting.

                  By all accounts the Versus is a great machine. Similar in concept to the Duc Multistrada i suppose.

                  anyway, welcome.

                  ps - great scoot you've got there.


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                    g'day again,
                    The AHG ARD looks like just what I need, though I don't think theyd let a scooter in on the scene, still awaiting reply.
                    As to the 250 rides, sounds fun and damn well organised, but now being 41 have a sneeking suspicion I'd feel pretty like the old dude
                    Best to hand out with the 70-80 yr olds and be called a whippersnapper

                    Hey Shmoo, I've been reading and doing loads of online research on the Scrambler , though a test ride will be the answer i guess. I also checked out the wee strom, just seems so damn big !
                    I'm in Freo as well, will keep an eye out for ya ride


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                      Hi Hoodie. Welcome!
                      You may still be called a whippersnapper on the learner rides by some of us. It's a good ride and it's open to all ages - thank goodness for that!!
                      See you there.


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                        Welcome to PSB Hoodie.

                        I live in my own little world, but it's OK they know me here


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                          Originally posted by hoodie View Post
                          I’ve noticed that overseas scooter racing is Huge, and getting bigger over east as well, maybe will catch on here ?
                          Welcome n for all our sakes lets fkn hope not


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                            No piss taking on scooters here dood. I ride one too!


                            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                              i got a scooty too. A lil bolwell really is tiny even for a scoot, but im only 5'10 and can get my knees tucked in. Sits on 65