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PSB: A Brief Guide

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  • PSB: A Brief Guide

    Welcome to PSB. It's big, scary, about motorbikes, about Perth, not about motorbikes, friendly, welcoming, funny, harsh, a treasure trove and also full of shit. This guide aims to cover the goings on of the forum in order to reduce the system shock felt by some new members. I will cover some of the technical things briefly (ie getting your license/shadows/buying a bike) but this is aimed more at introducing you to the forum culture. From a technical/practical motorcycling standpoint, Aphex's Guide for N00bs is outstanding. Please excuse the use of spoiler tags, they're there to cover the range of topics in a succinct but expandable manner.

    Using the Search Function
    Spoiler: show
    Ladies & Gents, if you take only one thing away from this guide, make it this. The search function is your friend. It will help answer your questions quicker than making a new thread and having someone else tell you to use the search function will. Search for helmets, insurance, brands, posts by certain people, posts made in a certain time period, search for pretty much anything that may have been posted before.

    Most importantly of all, SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK. People will do get annoyed by someone who isn't prepared to use their initiative.

    How to use the mystical search function.
    Locate the search button. Notice how I prefer to use the vBulletin skin, it looks a little bit more like it may be work. Each to their own.

    Next, click the link. A pop up box should appear.

    Then type in what it is you wish to search for.

    Pictured are the results.

    Now in this particular instance, you'll notice that there is actually very little reference made to BDS IX and if you were chasing specific information about it, you might be well served to start a thread about it.

    Now that you know how to search, try typing in "helmet" or "insurance". Now, before you press the "new thread" button, do some homework. You may have noticed that there is also advanced search options. Use this to narrow down your search. Do you want threads with helmet in the title? Threads that are only a month old? Threads with x00 replies (if that's the case, search for "open face helmets," it's a bit of a giggle...)? Anyhow, the advanced search page looks like this and is an excellent tool for finding specific information:

    The User CP Tab
    Spoiler: show
    The user cp tab is very, very handy. If you wish to follow a thread or keep track of your yellow stickers, use it. It will show the most recently active thread at the top and older ones at the bottom.

    Changing My Skin
    Spoiler: show
    This is the next best thing to being reptillian. If you wish to change the appearance of PSB to make it look more like work (currently what I do), a bit prettier or whatever, this is how:

    At the very bottom of the forum home page on the left hand side is this pop up menu:

    Click on it and it will expand out to this:

    For demonstrations' sake, this is what they look like:


    I'm new, I need to know about these things!
    Spoiler: show
    As mentioned earlier; I'd suggest this: Aphex's Guide for N00bs but for what it's worth...

    Attaining My RE License: Process, Do's & Don'ts
    1) Sit test that is 15 multichoice questions. Is straightforward. Costs ~$35 to sit.
    2) Get given a piece of paper saying that people that have ridden for more than 4 years can follow you around.
    3) Get followed around.
    4) Get good, confident and safe at riding while being followed around.
    5) Book test.
    6) Rage on the internet about how long you have to wait between initially booking your test and doing it.
    7) Go do test. This also costs money.
    8a) Pass test. Ride home without being followed around.
    8b) Fail test. Next step is crucial. Take onboard ALL of what the examiner says to you. Understand that he/she failed you for a reason. There is absolutely NOTHING to be gained from coming onto PSB and iRaging about it and abusing the examiner. Failure happens. Take onboard what you are told you need to improve on, improve on it and do your test again. It is that simple.

    Practise. Know what is expected of you before your test. Go on a few LNRs to get your road craft up to scratch as well as a bit of confidence.

    Ride unsupervised. You're not covered by insurance, if you get caught by the police it will hurt. The law takes a dim and unapologetic view for those that break this one.

    The best bit of advice you can get on helmets - and the one you'll get the most - is buy the one that fits the best.

    Shop around for insurance. Use the search function. Recognise that everyone is different, their circumstances, riding history, age, bike all play a big part of an insurance company determining what they require in terms of cash for protection. Because I pay $2 annually for comprehensive cover provided by Bazza on my 1198 doesn't mean that you'll get the same deal. This is an instance where you need to do the legwork and make the phonecalls. Like buying a bike, we can't tell you what's best for you.

    Shadows are people that volunteer to ride with you while you have your learner's permit. They are typically helpful, very generous with their time and approachable people.

    A list of shadows is here

    It is however worth reiterating this:
    Originally posted by Shadow types
    NOTE to Learners - We are not Instructors (though we can give you tips), the shadows putting their names below offer their services for learner city or country rides and expect that you have done rider training with an instructor and are of a standard that you are capable of riding in a group. Please ask nicely and be ready to go when your shadow arrives, if you find that you can't be ready for when you arranged, please get in contact with your shadow ASAP so they aren't sitting around waiting for you. Make sure you have money with you for food/drink/or fuel.

    Do not take it for granted you will be able to get a shadow for a particluar outing or for your test, you may not. If your regular riding Instructor is booked out for the day when your test is on, by all means post up a seperate thread, do not expect to find a shadow though, as most work during the day, give plenty of notice and make alternative arrangements just in case i.e. Trailer or ute to take your bike to the test. Good form is to offer your shadow something for their time and effort, they may or may not accept. If you are geniune and considerate you will have many offers.

    Buying a bike.
    No one is going to tell you in all seriousness what bike you should buy. They can't reasonably take into account your personal situation and make up your mind for you, so please don't ask them to. That said, there are threads with information about bikes in them. Try reading up in the 250 section. If you're new to 250s read Aphex's guide. Furthermore, as a prospective buyer, don't waste a person's time kicking tyres in a private sale. It is advisable that if you want a test ride, present 100 points of ID to the seller and hand over the cash prior to test piloting to ease the concerns of all involved. Get it looked over by a mechanic. Derek Ball, Moto Pro and K-Tec are typically held in high regard in these parts. Please though, before hitting the "new thread" button, which remember - is not a toy - use the search function. Chances are someone else has already covered what you wish to know and that in searching for it, you'll find more things out that will potentially be useful than if you just fired away at the beginning.

    Selling your bike
    So you've had a 250 for a year and you - like nearly everyone else - want to upgrade. In doing so though, you need to sell your bike to raise funds. Read this. Deej says it better than anyone else.

    Spoiler: show
    This is typically where new people come to post their opening thread. They say hello and often - depending on their sex - receive their first leg hump. Oddly enough, it's also where you are right now.

    General Bike Talk
    General Bike Talk is exactly that. It might be talking about newly released models of bike, motorcyclist issues, lane splitting, preferred tyres, protective gear, and so on. It covers the non-specifics that other forums on PSB don't.

    In The Loop
    This is where events get organised. Normally, these are organised group rides or social events. Check here to fill up your calendar and - event dependent - have a look at photos and what not.

    News Flash
    Usually for breaking stories and spotting cameras and hand helds.

    Mods, Being technical...
    This is more for the technically inclined, get ideas about things to change or toy around with on your bike to make it faster/smoother/sexier/golder. Be warned, reading things here can often lead to a cashflow problem and a thread of your own in here.

    How To
    The newest section, this is designed as a forum for walthroughs. Changing tyres, polishing your bike, removing the fairings are some of the things you might find here.

    Members Projects
    Where you go to tell document all the things you've done/are doing to your bike after reading through the Mods, being technical forum. Also a good place to post up pictures of a black and gold bike getting more gold bits.

    Two Fiddy
    For the learners/RE holders. This forum contains a lot of information that you might also have found in ITL and the Mods forum.

    Two Strokers
    A forum for bikes with all the technical complexity of an old outboard motor.

    Moto Italiano
    The forum for Ducati riders (among other Italian brands) to avoid flak from everyone else.

    Retailers And Promotions
    Support the businesses that support PSB. Often some very tidy deals in here.

    Group Buys
    A section dedicated to creating and organising group buying power. Keep an eye on it if you're after particular protective gear or bike modifications that are typically sourced from overseas.

    PSB Shop
    For all your PSB merchandise.

    For Sale
    PSB Members trading area.

    Track Time
    Perth racing scene.

    Moto GP, etc
    For the elite end of motorcycling. A word of warning, don't post results about races. People that haven't seen it tend to get pretty upset about reading it before they see it.

    Yada Yada Yada
    Dribble. Rhubharb. Rubbish. Chit Chat. This is where some of the most pointless uses of bandwidth will occur, but also where some of the most entertaining threads reside.

    Funny Stuff
    Name says it all.

    Mostly for porn. It is the internet afterall.

    Dubs Wants To Know
    Basically a forum for polls about personal preferences.

    Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
    Off topic with a point. Normally related to advice of some description (fitness/non-binding financial/legal)

    PSB Users online and readable diaries. MuNch has a pretty good cooking blog.

    In Memoriam
    For remembering people.

    The Kitchen
    I have no idea, I've never been in there.

    Help Desk
    Used for raising technical forum issues. As a word of warning, stay out of the "New Way To Change Your Username" thread unless you're desperate or stupid.

    Specific Threads
    Spoiler: show
    Pay It Forward
    Don't go into Pay it Forward asking for stuff. Don't put stuff up there for sale. Also, while it certainly isn't asked for, recognise that one way or another, someone you probably don't know very well is partaking in a very generous and kind act. Recognition may be in the form of offering a six pack in appreciation of the item (which you're getting for free, remember?), or even just saying thanks.

    Also, I'd strongly suggest that using this thread works both ways. Take something? Put something else up.

    See someone on a bike out and about? Post it up here with a time, place and description of the bike to say hello. Or, if you're vain and that way inclined, come in here and see if you've been spotted while out on a ride.

    Good Things In Life
    Like something about your life? Tell us what it is.

    Official thread for unbunching panties that don't deserve unbunching in another th...
    This thread is frequently misunderstood. It is not a place to complain about your life. It isn't a place to rant and whinge and carry on. This thread is for identifying an issue that another PSBer has their knickers in a knot over, drawing a picture of it with an indulgent and pathetic dribble about said issue with the word "unbunch" slammed across the illustration in big, red capital letters.

    The "pub chat" thread
    Talk, rant and rave. This thread is for all the rubbish that doesn't deserve its own thread.

    But what does it all mean?
    Spoiler: show
    Acronyms and PSB expressions. There are a lot of them on PSB. Here is a very non-exhaustive list of what some of it means...
    GTIL: Good things in life
    IBTL: In before thread lock
    Mirkz: Maybe
    NWS/NSFW: Not work safe/Not safe for work
    FWIW: For what it's worth
    AFAIK: actually, for all I know
    xWTK: xxx Wants To Know
    Troll: someone who baits people into reacting.
    CS2: Camel Salesman. He was a troll. He is now banned.
    Unbunch: your knickers appear to be in a knot. Kindly undo them
    Sandy vag: Similar to above, just on a slightly worse scale.

    The Internet Is Serious Business
    Spoiler: show

    Some people post purely to get a reaction out of people. Sometimes this is subtle, other times it isn't. As a general rule, take things that offend you on the internet with a grain of salt. That isn't to say you should condone any attacks made against you as a person, but rather you should recognise that unfortunately/fortunately - depends on you really - a lot of people posting on the internet take a diminished responsibility for the content of their posts because they can hide behind a monitor. Failing that, get offended/butthurt, bite back and give the moderators work to do.

    Please remember also, that just because it is printed on the internet in a forum surrounded by lots of other useful information, by no means should it be taken as gospel. Especially if it's about lean angles or inflation.

    Before winding up; here is some more lighthearted and helpful material from around the forum:

    Spoiler: show
    Robbo on searching for information
    Spoiler: show

    Remember kiddies, the "new thread" button is not a toy. As an aside, big angry red letters in comic sans are an excellent way to attract the ire and attention of barfridge.

    It's all too hard, won't somebody please make up my mind for me...
    Kindly; grab a copy of this book:
    Spoiler: show

    Robbo on how not to be a nooby noob.
    Spoiler: show
    Pretty much all of his post here is worthwhile:
    Originally posted by Robbo View Post
    part 2.

    Thank you all. Please, remember to use the search function, stay upright and don't get sand in your vagina.
    Originally posted by Ferris
    I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

    Figure shit out yourselves, retards.

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    top work Lefty, thanks for taking the time to put this together.