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  • howdy

    Hey PSB!

    Yet another nooby rider here but not for mutch longer. i finally got off my ass today and got my learners permit and a helmet and i thought while i was at it, i join an awsome forum with some awsome folks to learn about bikes and the 'way of the rider'.

    Bit of info on me.

    Im 18 y/o
    I have my car licence and i drive a FORD.
    I dont own a bike yet but i am in the process if looking now so if you know of any good deals on a good first bike then let me know.
    I live SOR but when i get a bike and my licence then im deffinatly up for some cruises and the like.

    Anywho running out of time for these games and fun so back to the serious stuff
    I know i cant spell, please don't feel the need to correct me

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    Hiya, plenty of riders in your area

    Check out the Two Fiddy section for Instructors and info about your first bike and shadows to get you out there even sooner

    Don;t forget to get a jacket, gloves and boots


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      Welcome to PSB. All the best with your R-E test.


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        Welcome to PSB, +1


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          welcome and all the best for the RE test..what sort of bike are you after?

          mine's for sale atm so have a look hey..

          For Sale Tricolore Cagiva Mito 125 - Perth Street Bikes


          Originally posted by HotelBushranger
          Talked to some chick today at the village that rides a GPX 250. Wasn't very friendly though, must have crabs.


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            Cheers for the link shui but really after a 250 like a GPX or CBR.

            Also thanks for the warm welcome. mutch appreciated.
            I know i cant spell, please don't feel the need to correct me


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              hey welcome to psb. Dont forget zx2r against that cbr
              :aus-salute: Yer thats ULTIMATE :aus-salute:

              Originally Posted by lobes89 View Post
              Yea I like the bike but it's hard to get my foot under the brake lever


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                Welcome to PSB Sphinx
                Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Savs!


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                  Welcome mate, everyone stay away he has aids.