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  • Heya

    Hey guys, new to the forum!

    I'm 23 in Cannington, just got my learners the other day and I've been reading through your forums, heaps of great info here!
    Don't have a bike yet, leaning towards a ninja 250r or zzr250 but thats gonna have to wait til I get back from my holiday in melbourne in two weeks. Gonna be doing a few lessons to build some confidence and then ask around for a shadow willing to offer some pointers in exchange for food/beer!
    Keen on checking out these learner rides you guys have organized too, looks to be a great way to get experience and information from more experienced riders!

    No doubt i'll be seeing some of you around the place, cheers.

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    Hey mate welcome to PSB, its a awsum forum. Lot's of great people around here, willing to help anyone!