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  • G'day One and All

    G'day my name is Barts , Im a sheetmetal worker and have a few hobbies atm .

    I live in Denmark (great southern) and apart from the great fishing we have ,we also have some great bush tracks and places to take out bikes and 4wdrive.

    I own a TTR 250 road /trail and also a XVS1100 Yamaharley.

    Also own a VC V8 valiant with a 318 which Im restoring atm and a VK charger as well ,so my hobbies and work keep me very busy.

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    G'day Barts I am a regular visitor to Albany and have tackled a few of the sandy tracks around there with varying success and pain. Is Denmark the same sand trap?
    They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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      welcome to psb


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        Welcome to PSB


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          Hi dude from my end of the country...before I came to Perth...Welcome!


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            hi ya and welcome


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              Yeh very similar, there is a nice track to take to west cape howe ,there are a few rubber mats laid out to make it easier, I have only done that in pajero (gone now tree fell on it) but its very good for those who like a hard run and like the scenery as well.

              West Cape Howe is near young sidings