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G'day from the East Coast!

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  • G'day from the East Coast!

    So how is everyone?

    After much perseverance and pleading, I have half convinced my better half I want a "murder" bike. So after months of fascination and forum browsing, I'm going to take a trip to BikeBiz.

    Not too sure how many Sydney-siders roam here, but BikeBiz seem like top blokes, and sure enough these guys seem friendly and willing to help over the phone.

    I've picked out a few candidates. 09 Ninja 250R, Hyosung GT250R or Aprilia RS125. Been reading stacks on their pros and cons so just wanting to see in the flesh and of course best price scenarios. Going all out on leather racing suits and gear! Gotta look good I guess.

    Wish me luck tomorrow!!

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    Have fun shopping.
    Riding - Living the dream...


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      Originally posted by rc_sam View Post
      Have fun shopping.
      Thanks mate. I got the moral support of 2 buddies.


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        Hi ya and welcome


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          Hello there.

          The Ninja sounds like your best bet out of those 3.

          Happy shopping though.


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            Thanks guys. I couldn't sleep anymore, and its 8:15am here, when im usually still in bed by at least 10.

            Will update ya'll if i make progress today.


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              Not too much else that's more exciting than to get out bike shopping
              not once you're married anyway.... Have fun


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                Oh im not married yet.. no rush for these sorts of things
                I've had my fair share of modded cars and quarter mile strips, but for some reason a motorbike will completely change the scenery for me this summer.. or more.


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                  Originally posted by Semi
                  I ride slowly because I'm a massive faggot.


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                    Welcome to PSB
                    so do tell how did the shopping go
                    ( I would go the Ninja A* 2 piece and gloves Sidi boots and a Shoei)
                    cost a bit more but def worth the $$$


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                      Morning Guys,

                      So after much thought, 4 hours and meticulous reviewing, i decided to put a deposit on the red and white Aprilia RS125 09.

                      I did a little throttle testing myself, but 1 of my mates test rode the Ninja and RS125, and he believes the RS would be the much better buy and more fun. I have a well paid job, so servicing the bike would be ok. I really liked the attention to detail on the RS125. Overall i was very comfy (5'9 155lbs) No mean to disrespect, but i was disppointed with the overall aesthetics of the Ninja. I guess i was expecting more.

                      I chose the Shoei XR1000 "Sever" helmet, paired with the red A* RC1 jacket + A* GP Pro gloves. Not too sure on boots and pants yet though... I have a feeling i might look "too racey" if i choose matching leather pants.

                      So yes! I think im satisfied with my decision. My L test is in 4 weeks so theres no point in picking up now unless i plan to stare at it

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                        That's a nice looking 125. Enjoy!!


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                          Thanks Mickey-T. I trust i made the right decision


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                            Nice man a 2 stroke,thats the way of the future.. i ride a rgv 250 lol im in Newcastle
                            Mate if your interested i do the run up putty every now and then, drop me a line if your intersted in going for a ride.
                            Always good to meet a stroker as they are are so far and between!!!


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                              or the run up pacific hiway