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  • Hello from Bunbury

    Hello everyone,

    So I'm new here but not new to riding 250's. I got my R-E licence about 9years ago, rode my Yamaha RZ250r around for about 1.5-2.0yrs then stopped. I haven't been on a bike for around 7yrs since the birth of my son's. My wife gave me the nod to get a new bike for my 30th the other day. She suprised me with a new v3 fox helmet This is where I need some help. I don't have my R class licence but I am eligible to go for it (had my 250 for ages). Do I go for my R licence or ride a 250 for a year or so and get use to riding again? I am pretty keen going for a Road Trail bike, for that off road fun, but i have never ridden off road either. Would starting smaller be better? Your help and guidance would be greatly appriciated.

    Love the site by the way, found some great infomation!! I'm going to give this iPhone app a go shortly and see what its like...



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    Hi abd welcome

    If you've done heaps of riding previously I suggest just going for your R class

    Look out for the guys down there, there are quite a few now. We have a 98 ZX6R for $4k if you're interested in a cheaper big bike till you get a newer one

    The Gnome run will be coming down that way in the end of November, look forward to meeting you then


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      Hi ya and welcome


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        Conno from Bunno




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          Welcome Conno. Where abouts in Bunno are your from?
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            i'm in eaton dude
            euphoric, ZRX1200R, XSR900, XR400


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              welcome to psb


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                Cheers for the welcome guys...

                @xsnoiz I live in Australind work in Bunno.


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                  Go to Australind High?
                  Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via
                  For The Tenacious, No Road Is Impassable


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                    Are you making the journey up for the MAD ride this Sunday?
                    If so, you 'll definitely meet a 'few' of us there.
                    Have fun!


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                      hey welcome good to see more bunno ppl on psb


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                        If you need any lessons see Drew, At Bunbury Motorcycle School Top Bloke.

                        Contact: Drew
                        Mobile: 0404 846 204


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                          Another Welcome from Bunbury (a bit late though it may be).
                          Filbert on Moto Guzzis;
                          Originally posted by filbert
                          it's like a ducati with the motor put in sideways for people who are too scared of the power of harley davidsons


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                            Hi Conno,

                            I'm out Donnybrook way but work out of Davenport.

                            Can shadow you as time and the boss (she who must be obeyed) permits on weekends if that is a help.

                            I helped my son through both grades with just a few professional lessons just before he sat for the tests.

                            Let me know - 0429 933314 - Graham.
                            per mare per terrras


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                              Welcome Conno
                              Im in a similar boat, I went and got a 250, i thought better lay down a half decent foundation on that, and then may move on to something bigger.
                              Can always sell, trade or flick to mrs when Im ready.
                              Good luck