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  • Woohoo!

    Woohoo,I passed my Re licence today!

    Ok now that's out the way better introduce myself.

    I've been a car fan (holdens) pretty much my whole life, I never really could see the BIG DEAL with bikes, until my boss introduced me to dirtbikes I was hesitant to go out at first cause I just didn't see the point but eventually I went and loved it, so natural progession thought I better give this road bike thing a shot and guess what I love it! only wish I had gotten involved in bikes years ago.

    I don't have a bike as yet but i'm on the look out for one as we speak hopefully within the next few weeks, can't wait to get out on some rides with you guys looks like you cater for us inexperienced riders well. I'm abit of a 2 stroke fan (both my dirtbikes have been 2 smokers) my heart says RGV or RS but my head says 4 stroke possibly something like a ZZR or GPX just till I can go for my R's.

    I'm Mark i'm 28 from Thornlie, once I get a bike anyone from around this area looking for someone to ride with i'll usually be pretty keen.


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    Grab a bike and join in the fun...


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      Good nick

      Welcome along


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        Congratulations man, welcome to PSB.

        I may go for my practical test in a few months. Am only on my third lesson at the moment


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          hi and welcome


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            welcome man, to be honest go for a 4 stroke for your first bike, much less hasle.
            Our Father, Who art at Phillip Island, Hallowed be thy name
            Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done
            In the backroads as it is on the freeway
            Give us this day our high-octane premium fuel
            And forgive us our lanesplitting
            As we forgive the four wheel drives, the volvos and the taxis
            And lead us not into gravel corners
            But deliver us from hand-held radars
            For thine is thy leather, thy denim, thy Gore-Tex and thy Kevlar
            Amen ORIGINAL POST BY DEB


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              Welcome Mark!
              See you out there!


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                Originally posted by killswitch54923 View Post
                welcome man, to be honest go for a 4 stroke for your first bike, much less hasle.

                Recommend the Honda VTR, excellent bike, and usually u can sell it for what you paid for it after your year is up.

                And welcome...


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                  Welcome and congrats...


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                    Hi mate and welcome