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  • Hi All!

    Name's Dave and I got a CD250 Honda to learn on and wrench on and generally get used to riding on. Been riding farm bikes etc since younger but never took up riding as a means of getting round until recently. Just got my L's so I'm embarking ont he very first step of the journey.

    Reading through the forums has been enlightening, what an awesome community and resource for newbies like me! Am currently deciding on an instructor, sorting out gear, and making plans to strip the bike down and rebuild into a little bratstyle commuter. That'll probably wait till Im used to riding it first though.

    Other than that Im more into bobbers and choppers than street bikes, not for any particular reason, just what I've been exposed to. Looking forwards to learning and contributing where I can! Thanks!!


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    Gday dave, welcome to the forum.

    Make sure you post a thread in the members project section when yoou do the rebuild

    There's quite a few fans of bobbers, choppers, cafes and customs in general on the forum.
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      welcome to PSB


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        Gday mate and welcome! Cool, another fan of the bobber. You will find a few bobbers is the members projects. Everyone is more than happy to offer help,advice and general piss taking lol.. Enjoy!
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          hi and welcome


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            Welcome to PSB