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    Sorry for not introducing myself sooner. I'm not really much of a forum person, I've looked at a few and they seem to be dominated by certain cliques, so I thought this would be another typical cliquey place. But one of the reasons I stayed in Perth after a temporary transfer with my job 28 years ago was the friendliness and lack of pretentions here. I see from this forum that this attitude is alive and well despite the influx of new settlers like myself.
    I was off line for the past week due to a faulty 350 metre length of cable between me and the telephone exchange, so I spent some time writing to bring my project up to date. A few copy and pastes and that is done. I have now spent some time today lurking through some of the various topics. There's so much info here and it is a great read. It may take me some time to catch up on all the topics, but I'll do my best.

    Congrats to Admin and moderators for such a great forum.

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    welcome mate, have fun
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      Hi and welcome


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        Hi ya and welcome


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          Nice to meet you mate, welcome to PSB and I look forward to reading about your project


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            Hey mate, welcome to PSB