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New to PSB, seeking 'bike buddies' :)

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  • New to PSB, seeking 'bike buddies' :)

    Hello everyone, my name is Heather, and I'm a bit of a n00b here I only got my bike licence back in May, so I haven't been riding all that long. For those of you that remember, back in January there was a group ride to Gingin. On that ride there was an idiot who was riding a white and blue Honda CBR125R who came off and wrote off his bike and spent the night in hospital. Yeah, well, I might be dating that idiot That was the scariest phone call I've ever had, that's for sure. As it happens, now I'm riding a Honda CBR125R, 'cept mine is white and grey and is still in one piece hahaha. At the moment I'm only really using my bike to get to and from work. I would like to get out on my bike more, because I really enjoy riding just for it's own sake, but I think I need some 'bike buddies' to go riding with until I get my confidence up enough to go on a group ride. Anyone NOR feel free to reply if you're interested
    If you ride like there's no tomorrow, then there won't be. ~Author Unknown

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    First off welcome to PSB! and yes there are plenty of us NOR that will go for a ride.
    look after yourself out there!
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      welcome jesse!
      there is the lnr's in the loop or
      the north riders social group or even the hyo social group

      north riders is greewood way

      hyo group is craigie way
      notice i didnt call them chapters

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        Haha, howdy again.

        That little honda looks familiar
        such comment
        many post


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          Hey ya, welcome.
          Where abouts NOR are you?


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              Hiya, we are the ones that took your b/fs bike to to the fixuppers for him I heard that he isn't back on a bike yet??? or do I have that wrong??

              Come out on a LNR and stay up the front with me, it's not that scary up the front

              I'll PM you about a ladies ride next week hopefully you can come out and meet some of us then


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                Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Thanks for the tip potato, I'll look into that. Yes Cam, that Honda would be familiar to you lol, it's been running great and I love it The Faz, I'm in the Wembley area. Stoneville, I'm so grateful that people were there to help him when he came off, thank you so much. He is back on a bike, not all that long after the financials got sorted after the bike was declared a write-off. The red bike in the background of my pic is his bike, it's a Hyosung GT250 (I think ) Ooo and I would appreciate a PM about the ladies ride, I'm definitely interested Cheers everyone, feel free to PM if you're up for a ride
                If you ride like there's no tomorrow, then there won't be. ~Author Unknown


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                  oh hi


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                    Welcome. There are also tuning days, were you get to learn how to maintain your bike.
                    The first thing to go on your hands is the barrier cream. Adjusting chain tention and checking air filers; batteries; tyre presure ( a long time ago a fella spent $ 900 having his suspention upgraded to make thebike handle better, only to find out his tyre had some 16 psi in them & thats why the bike was handleing poorly.) Air cost nothing, yet.


                    Another perfect day in paradise.


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                      welcome to PSB.

                      Hit up the LNR and you will meet lots of peeps to ride with

                      have fun
                      SUCH IS LIFE

                      Originally posted by lee
                      I hope you choke on a donut, and when you do I'm going to inappropriately hit on your grieving widows.


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                        Welcome to the forums, zed7fiddy runs the NOR riders group, and between the two of us we try and hold a ride here and there, now it's summer time there'll probably be a few more so keep an eye out. There is also a 250 cannonball run in the works


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                          *cough* no there isnt
                          SUCH IS LIFE

                          Originally posted by lee
                          I hope you choke on a donut, and when you do I'm going to inappropriately hit on your grieving widows.


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                            Hi ya and welcome


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                              Originally posted by fonzy View Post
                              *cough* no there isnt