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Back in the saddle, ZX12R. 2001.

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  • Back in the saddle, ZX12R. 2001.

    Hey all, I have just picked up a new bike. For me any way.

    My name is mick and after 3 years of kids, weddings, home renovations and every other money draining exercise possible Ive finally gone out and pick up a new bike.

    I was picky this time, last bike I owned was a 2004 CBR600RR and I picked that up on impulse. Walked into the dealer and it was all polished up and new. $15k later i had some explaining to do. At least the wife has a sense of humour. I had her for 2 years and sold her due to family and work.

    I was gonna wait till the new year sales and look for a bargain but Im not keen on most of the new models, too sharply styled.
    I went for pre-loved instead.
    I wanted some extra low down muscle so the bigger cube bikes were the go.
    And a little easier on the wrists was gonna be a bonus.
    Bussa's are holding there value too well and I like the Ninja's colours.
    The fact it was $7k, a third of my budget, and only has a genuine 11k on the clock were all added bonuses. Too say Im happy would be a massive under statement.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Schmick condition on the 01 there mate. Welcome back to 2 wheels.
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      Welcome to PSB


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          hi ya and welcome


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            I have the same bike except its a 2000 model. Very happy with it. Welcome....
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              Nice colour

              Welcome to the forum.
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                Originally posted by trblmkr View Post
                Hey all, I have just picked up a new bike. For me any way.

                At least the wife has a sense of humour. I had her for 2 years and sold her due to family and work.

                You sold your wife after only 2 years?

                Welcome to PSB



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                  Hiya and welcome, we used to have one of them in the stable, nice bike to ride

                  Seeya around sometime. Did you buy your wife back???


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                    Thanks for the welcome guys and yea I got her back after she had a good think about what she had done.

                    Speakin of the wife, she has here 250 test on the 28th.
                    She's pretty nervous. Cheeky monkey was pullin figure8's on her first lesson.
                    I was pretty impressed.

                    Keep your eyes peeled for the big green monster at the next cruise, Im pretty keen on covering some km's to come to grips with the new bike.


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                      Welcome. Great choice in wheels

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                        welcome to psb nice bike u got there!
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                          Welcome and great choice of bike Looks smick!
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                            ferk yes! niiiice bike!
                            Originally posted by timmay
                            So UC bike spots people speeding, pulls out magnetic siren,
                            and sticks it on his head?


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                              Welcome back to two wheels and to PSB

                              ...... and I too was wondering what price you got for the wife ....