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  • Allo allo allo from Thailand

    Hi to all,was looking for a site that covers 2 strokes,in particular Yammy TZ250 s,sadly to say that it dosn t seem to get much coverage ? Spotting PSB,you lot seem to be pritty active and gotta say that I ve always enjoyed a bit of a banter with the boys down under ( ASF member ).Anyway look forward to getting into yer 2 stroker forum and pulling some plonkers ?

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    I love a good plonker, welcome.


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      oh hai

      what part of thailand you at?



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        G'day chief, I like your country
        For LAMS information and resources -
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          Thailand is awesome. I hope to be doing some riding over there within the next twelve months.
          Can you help with foster care?


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            like your choice of home, welcome here. i was there 2 weeks ago, had some yummy crickets and teqila bar snacks combo thingy happening,
            (anarchy in english )


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              hi ya and welcome


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                Thanks for the warm welcome, knew I couldn t go wrong with an Oz site.I should probably tell yers all that I m a P.O.M.maybe I should have kept me mouth shut ? I ve been here,Chaingmai Thailand too long really for my own good an absolute bling place to ride,one of the many reasons,but we wont go into them all, for moving out here.I put together Streetfighters ( Suzuki slabbies ) just to keep me busy.not real technical stuff, always had a soft touch for the stroker tho,it s just hitting that power band and flying!!!!!!!! They ve been mostly Honda NSR250 s,actually found a MC18 F3 under a pile of crap here once,pure HRC,any way looking under a similar pile of crap,not so long ago I found this.Always liked the yammy .It s cleaning up a treat and under all that shit it looks like its Sugo kitted ?? Not being familiar with the Yam any pointers in the rite direction would be very much appreciated.

                My 1991 Yamaha TZ250 3XV pictures by maximumtwist - Photobucket