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Moto GP - ROSSI cleans up 2003 title early again!

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  • Moto GP - ROSSI cleans up 2003 title early again!

    Well, what can you say about this man?
    He has so much talent, you could stick him on one of those poor performing Kawasaki's and win the 2004 crown (fuck he is good).

    It always looks like he is riding within him self, and when needed he can pull the extra 20% and leave them for dead at will (smart arse) :shock:

    Anyway yesterdays race he just looked like he was on easy street, not pushed at all.
    Rumor has it that he is not happy with his contract offer from Honda (wants more time off during off season!) and has told Honda he will sign with Yamaha if they don't come to the party soon as he wins 2003 title, well he's just done that so we will just have to wait and see what happens now!

    My personal view is go to Yamaha or Ducati, Honda have a very good bike, and some good riders. Put Rossi on a average bike and that will even up things quite abit, don't ya think?
    Put Rossi on a Ducati and I belive he would win next year (the bike has serious speed) and Rossi has all the talent to ride around Ducati's minor handling problems. But on a Yamaha, theres a horse power and front end problem to contend with, and that will take some effort and skill to ride around that challenge!

    It would be good to see a last round championship decider, don't you think? Just like last years World Superbikes (Baylis and Edwards) great to watch.
    Anyway, must start packing, off to the Moto GP this weekend, should be fantastic. 8)

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    Rossi on a Duke. Now that will be interesting.

    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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      I don't think Rossi will go to Ducati.. from what I can tell, Ducati are only prepared to offer him AUD$15m a season (which is a quarter of their supposed Euro30m budget!), whereas Yamaha have apparently offered him AUD$17.5m a season.

      That said, though, IMHO he's got a far better chance of winning the Championship on a Desmosedici as opposed to the M1, but as they say - money talks.

      Now of all things, Ferrari are interested in giving Rossi an F1 test!


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        Money talks, But my understanding is he just wants more time off during the off season, and you can not put past the fact that a Italian on a Italian bike is a dream combination for both of them! 8)

        As they say, this is the Rumor mill part of the season, take every thing with a pinch of salt. :roll:


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          So right Cal, so, so right. The man is just so full of talent!! Put him on anything and I still think he'll shine amongst the crowd!

          I reckon he'll go Yamaha, he needs a new challenge and if they're offering the dollars, as they already are, then I can see him on the yammie next season. Then just you watch the battle between Max, Seti and Valentino.

          I still can't believe this season is already nearly over! 2 more rounds and thats it.

          Bring on next year, imagine the changes, the teams, the new bikes!! I can't wait already!

          As for Phillip Island, I think this'll be the round where we see Casey Stoner take a podium.....maybe even the flag!!! Fingers crossed

          Bring it!!!!!


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            Had Dion over today, Last night he spoke to his mate thats one of Yamaha's Team managers, he said that Rossi is 99% signed to swap from Honda to Yamaha! :shock: ( Oh that's hush hush :? ).

            That will mean next year should be a ripper, and should go down to the wire!
            Thats also good news for Edwards, word has it he has been offered Rossi bike if he leaves. Mind you if that happens you can see Repsol going else where, two yanks on Honda's, they would probably go over to Sete Gibernau (Spanish sponser / spanish rider).

            If Rossi goes to Yamaha, you predict the top five for next year :?:
            My prediction would be;
            1. Gibernau (Bikes too strong - consistant rider).
            2. Rossi (Great rider, plenty of talent - Bike lacks potential)
            3. Biaggi (Bikes strong - Rider is a air head).
            4. Edwards (Strong bike - Good rider) Only if on Rossi old bike!
            5. Hadyn (Strong bike - has great potential)

            Wooden Spoon - who's going to ride the Suzuki - Kenny Robberts (lacks plenty of hart) give the ride to someone who wants it (fuck him off).


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              Calvin: Don't think I've got enough faith in the M1 as you do mate. Granted, Biaggi managed the odd win on the thing, but I'm not sure Rossi can keep it at the pointy-end of the field for enough of the 2004 season to finish 2nd.

              And umm, what about Ducati? In their first year of GP they've managed to hit the podium, I can't honestly believe that Hayden, on a RC211V or not, is going to finish ahead of Capirossi on the Desmosedici. In fact, if I were a gambling man, I'd put money that Bayliss would finish in front of Hayden as well.

              Bayliss has done a fantastic job this year I reckon, with probably 40% of the tracks being places he's not ridden before. Plus adapting from (in his words) the docile 998F02 to the Desmosedici hasn't been easy, given that his GP experience is lacking in comparison to Capirossi's. With the Ducati being this fast (though not as well-handling as it could be) in it's first year, I think they'll start worrying the front-runners next year even moreso.

              The Kawasaki will still be a piece of shit, I still won't like Kenny Roberts Jr, and the Suzuki will still struggle. I'm not sure if Hopkins should go over to WSBK or what, but regardless I don't think he's got what it takes to be a development rider in MotoGP. I honestly think I'd rather Pitty on the GSV than Hopkins, as I think he's more mature (well Hopper, to his credit, is only 21) a rider than Hopkins is.

              Likewise, I think Edwards will only finish in the top 5 if he gets a factory RC211V, pitted next to Gibernau on a non-factory Honda he'd get his ass handed to him.

              My only real concern is that, if Rossi went to Ducati and won the 04 championship, everyone would say "it's because of Rossi, not the bike". Obviously he's a huge part of it, but you can't argue that the Desmosedici hasn't been awesome in only it's first year of racing.

              Lover of all things racing


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                Man, I'm getting a hard on thinking about next season already!!

                Edwards on Rossi's old bike.....oh shit yeah, he'll sdo some good there no worries!


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                  Moto GP

                  Well, First thing the Honda has 33% untapped power left in the bike, which they have started playing around with already due to the Ducati's being so good straight up. Thats why Ducati has not been right up there for a few rounds. Also Handa have so much more development over everyone else (and it shows).
                  Regards Biaggi, he's too much of a wingging soft cock, and is too inconsistant for me, Did you hear him on the weekend, c__t makes me sick, excuse followed by excuse, for fuck sack put my mum on the bike!!

                  The Honda's are a very strong bike, and during the off season they will only get better, even more so if Rossi leaves, they will want to make sure he does not win on another bike!
                  For Rossi on the M1, well like you I don't think much of the M1, but I will put it this way, when we go on country rides and I'm up the front on my little 600 and the bigger 1000 bikes are back in the distance, that has nothing to do with the bike!! Some with Rossi, he will turn the M1 loser into a winner, all about TALENT and he shits on all the other riders in this area.
                  And for Bayliss fingers crossed, Ducati sort out there front end problem for next season, they have tried thicker forks and changed rake, watch and see what happens.
                  Next year will be alot more even, that's for sure