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Wayne Maxwell to race Moto2 at Phillip Island MotoGP round

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  • Wayne Maxwell to race Moto2 at Phillip Island MotoGP round

    from Wayne, Wayne will be riding moto2 at PI!

    YouTube - Wayne Maxwell Moto2 Phillip Island 2010

    By Tom Reynolds:
    Australian motorcycle racer Wayne Maxwell has secured a one off ride in the Moto2 class at Phillip Island with the Italian Matteoni Racing Team at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix event weekend October 15 to 17, 2010.

    The 27 year old Victorian racer will be aboard the Matteoni Moto2 machine that has a purpose built Moriwaki chassis and control Honda 600cc engine. This setup is much the same as the current series leader in Moto2, Toni Elias.

    Said Maxwell of the deal; “When the team contacted me about this ride- it was incredibly fortunate. This year the MotoGP event is a non championship round for Australian Superbikes, so I was free to take up their offer. Not only that, the stars have aligned for me with Matteoni- I’m on a Honda, at Phillip Island, on my preferred tyres and the team really knows how to engineer a Moto2 bike.”

    “I need to thank all those who put this deal together. Now I plan to go out there and show what I am capable of.”

    Maxwell is the current Australian Superbike pole and race lap record holder, having posted an incredible time of 1:32.316 at the Phillip Island MotoGP support races in 2009. This race lap was faster than a quarter of the MotoGP field at the same event and was set aboard an Australian Superbike spec Honda CBR1000RR. Importantly it was achieved using the same Dunlop N-Tec tyres that all Moto2 bikes must use in 2010.

    As well as the support of the Australian fans, Maxwell will also have the particular support of the Holden Racing Team (HRT) and Bundaberg Racing Team (BRR) V8 Supercars drivers with whom he trains. HRT V8 Supercar driver Will Davison will be in attendance in Wayne’s garage, helping him maintain focus for what may be the most important race of his career.

    The opportunity to race with the Matteoni team on the Moriwaki MD60 was made possible thanks to the combined efforts of Matteoni Racing, Wayne Maxwell’s manager Dieter Kahsnitz and the major sponsors, Honda Australia, Milspec Services and Construct Concrete Services.

    The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is on at Phillip Island from October 15 to 17, 2010.

    For further information:
    RC Rider Management:
    Dieter Kahsnitz +61 4 1838 7583
    Tom Reynolds: +61 4 0996 4549
    The Twitter

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    Congratulations to Wayne, its awesome to see a few Aussies get into Moto2, even if its only initially as wildcards.
    Sponsored by:

    Billetta Imports, Motorcycle Panel & Paint, Pirelli, YAMALUBE


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      Aussie aussie aussie!

      Good to see another one of us out there.


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        And way to go Kiwis...mightnt be racing...but three trackside officials is pretty bloody awesome, one flaggie (#81) one "team 7" (one of our flaggies) Me (a flaggie) and one of the Drs I work with - (hes aussie tho!)

        Now as soon as I find how to post a pic of my uniform will do !!!!

        Going to watch my exciting

        (didnt work they in my PI Uniform album)
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          I think the younger Cudlin has got a wildcard gig as well.

          There was a couple Japanese riders given a go at Motegi.

          It gives the local riders a chance to show themselves, hopefully attracting a bit more attention.

          Good Luck to them

          I read Cudlin's ride is free and hope Maxwell's is as well.


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            Whell what a performance!
            The stewards of the meeting were that impressed they asked if he would come upstairs and sign some stuff!


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              Well Maxwell! You absolute tool!!!! I was embarressed for him and his ridiculous behaviour!


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                what an absolute bell end, the way i interpreted what he said was "i'm the only one with real talent to be here the rest are just cheque book racers at this en do fteh field"
                Then claiming the other bloke was a clown so he gave him a chip on the chin...... umm thats not what i seen more like the other bloke was getting up and u pushed him back down when he was on one knee.

                total fuckwit
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                  Cliffnotes plox.


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                    After the "We're looking for sponsors to go racing overseas" to the effort today, I think his chances are not so good.


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                      You would have to say that performance ended his international riding career.
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                        Just imagine if the guy on the ground had an (not obviously apparent) spinal injury due to his crash... A nice solid shove back into the gravel and *click*.

                        Not a very bright move at all.
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                          Love this comment from him...
                          “I need to thank all those who put this deal together. Now I plan to go out there and show what I am capable of.”
                          You sure did, you idiot...


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                            Well I guess at least all the proud Australians have somebody other than Stoner to have a go at. There you go, silver lining.

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                              Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
                              Cliffnotes plox.
                              *Maxwell gets run into and taken out accidently by another rider
                              *Maxwell all pissed off pushes other rider back down as he tries to stand up then storms off
                              *Maxwell gets bike going again and continues to race next lap is black flagged
                              *Then proceeds to claim the rest of the fields lower end are just there cos they have heaps of money and no talent and he has done it the hard way to get there.
                              *Maxwell gains eleventy billion douche points
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