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Stewart V Reed Battle as Intense as Rossi V Stoner

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  • Stewart V Reed Battle as Intense as Rossi V Stoner

    Stewart goes to International School of Overtake Run by Rossi

    You Judge

    YouTube - Stewart vs Reed Dallas 2011

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    Don't forget what Reed did to Stewart at Atlanta though..


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      All I saw in that first video was somebody fucking up and taking out another rider. So yes, a bit like what Rossi did to Stoner.
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        It gets worse - former multiple time champion, overtakes / crashes into other previous champion who happens to be Australian... then he gets a much better finish thanks to the dickhead move.

        Reed and stewart have history though - plenty of run ins with each other, and they have each taken the other out of races previously on numerous occasions.


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          It's all part of it In SuperX block and pass

          Stewart pushed to hard and lost control unlucky for both if them
          I Bet Villapoto is happy after the run of luck he been having lately

          Lovin SuperX this year anybody's title