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  • Moto Gp Tickets - Phillip Island

    Just looking for a bit of info on some ticket options for this years Moto GP at the island.

    My options are...

    Pit Roof VIP Village - Silver
    Champions Club
    High Octane Club
    Red Line Club

    Basically i have never been to Phillip Island before so i dont really know what to expect. I have been to the F1 at Albert Park twice and got grandstand tickets the second time and realised how much better it was than general admission so thats what im really going on here as a loose reference.
    I probably wont get to go again for a long time as me and my partner will be looking to buy a house so this will be the last big thing we can do for a while so im thinking we should go the Pit Roof VIP Village. The only things is, im not entirely sure its worth it more than say the $880 tickets to Red Line/High Octane or even the grandstand at Lukey Heights/Siberia.
    If anyone has any first hand experience with the packages above (especially the VIP Village) id like to hear from you so i know what to expect.


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    weeeellllll!!!!! Apparently it is cheaper to go to Malaysia:
    live like you on holiday for the long weekend
    cheaper for VIP tix
    good food
    no stress......just a holiday with eye candies (the gp boys on their bikes)

    thats what I heard, an thats why we are gonna try there this year, an not to PI ....ooooh, I met the very generous "paddock manager of the ASBK"....offered me his LAWN if I bring my own tent! ha ha ha-thx brendon gonna decline (From medic trackside -sleeping in a resort: to "the lawn".....he he he)
    yet another reason Im going to malaysia ....


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      Scotch, you need to walk around Phillip Is, its such an awesome track for viewing the practice sessions, from Hayden pulling wheelies out of Siberia and powersliding out of Southern loop to Stoner on the ragged edge coming onto the main straight. Spending the sort of money on the "clubs" just seems over the top really.

      I've been to Siberia, the main straight grandstand, turn 12 (final turn) and bass straight grandstands. For me Bass staright was the best, you have your back to the wind for a start, but you see so much of the tarck and its pretty much all the fast parts.

      If it rains, stick your wet weather gear on, no problem.

      The VIP village, I think you get pit passes for that, so whatever it costs, its got to be worth it.
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        i like siberia best as do many others as it is the stand(s) that sell out first.
        bass straight is also worth it
        staying in one place is not how to do PI.
        saturday is always bar crawl day. one beer at each bar around the track. not as easy as it may sound.
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          PI is an awesome track BUT when you can go to Sepang motogp for a lot less with Grandstand undercover seating for bout $40 for three day pass
          I was able to book ahead and just went there last year for $380 return flights Perth i stayed at Tune hotel 5 minutes walk from airport and bout $15 taxi to track
          Room was very basic and cost $40 for three nights KS bed Aircon no TV didnt care cheap drinking and food
          Went to PI the weekend before in the cold rain,etc and it cost me at least double and i had free accomodation and free transport