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Rossi's Times are getting Better!!

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  • Rossi's Times are getting Better!!

    Rossi under lap record on final day in Sepang

    On the final day of his first factory test with Yamaha at Sepang Valentino Rossi lapped inside his own lap record and edged to within three tenths of a second of his pole position record set at the 2003 Marlboro Malaysian Grand Prix. Rossi’s best time of 2’02.75 was also unofficially the fastest lap of the circuit by any rider on the M1 machine, with Carlos Checa having set a 2’02.885 to qualify second behind the Italian in October. Checa was second quickest again today with a time of 2’03.72 and both riders are now looking forward to returning to the same circuit for their next test in two weeks’ time.

    "We did some good work," said Rossi. "The time we made was good for a first test, but tyres and chassis settings were the main aim here. I've really enjoyed my first three days with Yamaha, I'm very happy. There's still work to do on the engine and we'll carry on with that, but overall things have been good."

    Checa has used the test to evaluate front tyres and revealed that he was now seriously considering the switch from a 17 inch to a 16.5. "The bike feels better with the 16.5-inch front tyre,” explained the Spaniard.

    "The race endurance test was not so bad, and this was only the first test of the season. Of course we've got more to do but we have all we need to achieve results."

    Rossi’ Crew Chief Jerry Burgess was quietly satisfied with events. "I guess we're doing okay," he said. "We've achieved enough for a fast time and we were running according to the Michelin test programme. Things have been very harmonious in terms of integration with Yamaha and now we'll go away and work on whatever the Yamaha Development Group have got for us."

    Across the garage, Checa's Crew Chief Antonio Jimenez was also content with the three days work. "The race simulation distance test provided valuable information for us," he said. "We were focussed on that and this is just the beginning of our programme."

    Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha Team Director Davide Brivio was frank about his surprise at the rapid progress made during the test. "I didn't honestly expect we'd be at his level so soon," he said. "All our competitors will work hard this winter too, but this is a good first test to motivate everyone in the team and everyone from Yamaha.


    Marco Melandri continued to ride below full fitness as he struggled to overcome the pain of a recent shoulder operation. "Better than yesterday," said the former 250cc World Champion. "In the end the bike was okay but I took time to adjust to the 16.5-inch front tyre I tried today. At the moment my mind is strong but not my body."

    Norick Abe, meanwhile, couldn't quite make the most of a selection of Michelin tyres that suited his style well. "That was a bit so-so," said the experienced Japanese rider. "We're still not quite there with the settings, but we have not worked together before as a team. Even so I couldn't get the time I felt the tyres were capable of."

    Valentino Rossi – 2’02.75 (59 laps)
    Calros Checa – 2’03.72 (88 laps)
    Norick Abe - 2’05.05 (52 laps)
    Marco Melandri – 2’05.55 (52 laps)

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    MotoGP Testing

    This is going to be a great year of racing!

    Looks like Rossi has managed to get the Yamaha dialled in.

    Hopefully we will see Honda, Yamaha & Ducati sharing the podium regularly. Nothing worse than predictable racing. While Doohan was a great rider his 5 years at the top were probably the most boring years of GP for me personally.

    Let's see what Rossi's 'cartoonist' can come up with for his new bike! Doesn't look like they went to too much trouble with his leathers.

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      GP at Deejs!

      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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        GP at Deejs!
        im there! 8)



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          is that an offer or a statement Deej ????


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            This year is going to be Great, so much so I went out and bought a new TV 125cm Wide screen, I've hooked up the surround sound and only waiting for the season to begin

            Bring it on :!:


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              is that an offer or a statement Deej ????
              an offer....... within reasonable limitatons.

              So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                is that an offer or a statement Deej ????
                an offer....... within reasonable limitatons.
                Oh Oh Oh, Im in......))

                Probably Gonzo to .....


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                  Wonder what Honda are going to build now to beat Rossi. Bring on the v6


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                    Yamaha-Rossi Test Results

                    This insightful analysis from Randy Mamola puts Rossi's results into perspective;

                    Well, the moment we were all waiting for finally came around and we weren’t disappointed. Valentino Rossi made his debut on the Yamaha M1 and immediately went under 2’03, proving what we all knew already - he is the best rider in the world. Does this mean he can defend the World Championship on the Yamaha? Well, there are still a lot of questions to be answered before we can know that.

                    It is difficult to gauge exactly what went on out in Malaysia or read deeply into the lap times without knowing specifically how many laps the guys did in what times, how consistent they were and so on, but there are certain things we can pick up and read into.

                    Firstly, we shouldn’t get too carried away with the fact Rossi did a 2’02.7 on his third day on the M1, even though it is clearly an excellent lap time. The Yamaha has always gone well at Sepang, and so has Rossi – so there is no reason to expect anything but a good time from him there on that bike. Carlos Checa qualified second at the same circuit in October and was fifth in the race, only 13 seconds down on Rossi, whilst the previous season Max Biaggi won two races on the M1 and one of them was at Sepang.

                    So we know the M1 is a capable machine at that circuit.

                    The reality is though, that the Yamaha is only really suited to a handful of circuits, and that has been their problem for many years. The Honda, on the other hand, has won 29 of the last 32 Grands Prix and has been strong at every racetrack. As many of you will know, I tested Rossi’s RC211V and Checa’s M1 at the end of last season and I said that the Yamaha was not as good a bike as the Honda. People may now start to question me for those comments but I certainly stand by them. You only have to look at the case of Alex Barros, who rode the M1 at the end of the 2002 season after winning two out of four races on the Honda. After his first test, Alex said the bike was just as good. Now, one season and a bunch of big crashes later, we see him wriggling out of his contract to get back on the Honda. I think that tells us something.

                    One thing I don’t know is how much work Yamaha have done since November, because I’m sure they won’t have been sat on their hands. Also, Checa had a new chassis at Valencia which I wasn’t allowed to try, so I can’t really comment on how close the bikes are right now.

                    In any case, we know that Tohru Ukawa was testing the 2004 version of the Honda at Sepang last week and that, without doubt, Honda will be raising the standard again. So the big unknown is how much progress have Yamaha made already and how much can they make in the future? It will be interesting to see at the next tests, when both Honda and Yamaha – and of course Ducati – will be testing their ‘new spec’ bikes.

                    In any case, I think that in Valentino Rossi and Jeremy Burgess, Yamaha now have a combination which can give them the information they need to make the necessary progress. One of their problems last year was the amount of time it took their riders to find a set-up. You would see on a Friday morning that the Yamaha guys would be way down the time sheets, then they would improve and by Saturday afternoon, one of them might break onto the front row. This is one of the things Valentino and Jeremy will look to address by getting a good base setting and Yamaha must respond quickly to what they want.

                    Hopefully, this way they can turn these promising beginnings into a bike which can race consistently at any circuit and come out on top in a one-on-one fight with another machine.

                    At the moment the Honda is still a stronger weapon than the Yamaha. Can Rossi on the Yamaha equal the strength of the Honda? My answer right now is “at some circuits yes, at some circuits no”.

                    As you know, there is a lot more to racing than machinery, and one thing I am wondering is how will Valentino react psychologically to his new situation. For three years he has been the number one, the man to beat, but now it is wide open. Reading into the pictures I have seen of him at the test, he looks happy and he looks focussed. But, once the season starts, how will he react to being beaten? How will he feel when he sees Max Biaggi and the other Honda or Ducati riders regularly on top of the podium and challenging for the title? It will be interesting to see because, believe me, anything below Max will be a failure as far as Rossi is concerned.

                    Bring it on I say!

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                      is that an offer or a statement Deej ????
                      an offer....... within reasonable limitatons.
                      oooooohhhhhhhhhh me too if theres still spare floor
                      Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

                      Some say he only showers on even days of the week

                      Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

                      All we know is he's Hewie.


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                        Very good Kneedown, Honda will be watching the progress of the Yamaha and vice versa!!
                        Before the season starts you can Guarantee both Honda and Yamaha will have a totally differant bike to what they finished with at the end of the 2003 season.
                        I don't think there has been so much interest in the Moto GP / Grand Prix racing before, it's great that Rossi moved over to Yamaha, it puts it up in the air to whom will be 2004 Champion, this should be the closest year in 10 years or so!!

                        Bring it on 8)


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                          Season 2004


                          You are right about 2004 being a great year for racing not only in MotoGP but in Superbikes as well.

                          Probably for the first time in a few years there should be some interesting action in SBK with 'Nitro' Haga, McCoy and Chris Vermuelen all joining the mix. Can't wait to see how the CBR1000 goes there. Ben Bostrom proved it was very competitive out of the box at Daytona.

                          As for the MotoGP it is going to be as much a mental game as physical. Who knows, while Honda and Yamaha are slugging it out with each other, Ducati may run away with the glory! I think Capirossi is highly underated as a rider even though he produced some senstaional rides last year. All the talk is about Rossi, Biaggi, Hayden & Edwards but I bet Capirossi will show them all up more than once!

                          What are your picks for the season?

                          This is going to be a familiar site this year!

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                            I really don't know about SBK, There is only one factory team (DUCATI) and all the other manufactures have said they will offer NO support to the teams because of protest to the new rule changers for 2004.

                            There are two sessons that rate the best for me 2000 were Corser and Fogaty and Slight fought it out to the last round to find a winner. And last year with the Edwards / Bayliss fight off, down to the wire racing - Awesome

                            In regards to Moto GP, I don't rate Caperossi, his past keeps entering my head as a dirty rider :shock: don't get me wrong he is a very good rider and can very much win the Championship, I just dought it.
                            I think Rossi can still pull it off, he has talant and is a consistant rider, that goes along way.
                            I don't think Biaggi has a hope in hell, too inconsistant, falls off and complains about his bike alot.
                            Edwards is green, but can do it,
                            Barros and Sete would be the only two that I think could take the crown off Rossi.

                            Bring it on 8)


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                              SBK & MotoGP 2004

                              I agree that the best years in SBK were the Edwards/Corser/Bayliss years but the lack of full factory teams and changes to tyre rules doesn't necessarily mean that the racing won't be intersting. After all it is not exciting machinery that make for great racing but exciting riders, so with the return of McCoy & Haga it should be interesting at least!

                              To qualify my comments about Capirossi...I am not one of his biggest fans but he has beaten Rossi to a World Championship before and none of the others on the grid bar KRjr have achieved this. All the hype is about which Honda is going to win but lets not forget that Ducati have the machinery as well as the riders to walk away with it while the focus is on the Honda vs Yamaha battle.

                              The rider that I do not rate is Alex Barros. He has been around for 13 years (this is his 14th) and achived practically nothing. 6 wins from over 220 starts is a lousy record for a rider who just filled the hottest seat in MotoGP! There is no way he will win the championship because he has shown he is not capable of it for the last 13 years.

                              Sete and Edwards are in with a better chance but for all his perceived whinging and crashing, Biaggi has finshed the last four seasons in the top three (twice runner up to Rossi) so you can't write him off lightly.

                              All in all, its anybodys game!

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