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Moto GP Round 8, Jacarepagua, Rio, Brazil.

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  • Moto GP Round 8, Jacarepagua, Rio, Brazil.

    Spaniard Sete Gibernau took provisional pole for Sunday's Brazilian Moto GP in the first official qualifying session.
    Gibernau, second in the championship, recorded one minute 48.618 seconds on his Honda to finish ahead of Japan's Honda rider Makoto Tamada.

    Brazilian veteran Alex Barros crashed his Honda with 12 minutes left of the session but came back to finish third.

    Championship leader Valentino Rossi, riding a Yamaha, came fourth after losing a short-lived lead.

    Gibernau and Rossi have the same number of points in the title chase but the Italian leads after winning more races.

    Ducati rider Loris Capirossi, also an Italian, took the fifth position on the sun-lit circuit.



    1. Sete Gibernau, Spain, Honda, 1:48.618
    2. Makoto Tamada, Japan, Honda, 1:49.297
    3. Alex Barros, Brazil, Honda, 1:49.299
    4. Valentino Rossi, Italy, Yamaha, 149.327
    5. Loris Capirossi, Italy, Ducati, 1:49.350
    6. Shinya Nakano, Japan, Kawasaki, 1:49.531
    7. Max Biaggi, Italy, Honda, 1:49.714
    8. Nicky Hayden, USA, Honda, 1:49.790
    9. Kenny Roberts, USA, Suzuki, 1:49.876
    10. Carlos Checa, Spain, Yamaha, 1:50.031

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    is this the gp that's on at 10:30pm? or is that another one? if this isn't the 10:30 one, has anyone arranged for a screening?

    :? :?


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      Yes this is the one that's on late. The time difference is huge between Brazil and here, ( I'm to lazy to check what it is but I'd guess about 10 - 14 hours ) ......


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        11 if my memory is good, without daylight savings.


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          Check this out - Suzuki on Pole :shock:

          Suzuki "Surprised By Pole"
          From Team Suzuki Press Office
          Jacarepagua, Brazil – Saturday, July3, 2004:
          Team Suzuki MotoGP rider Kenny Roberts Jr qualified fastest for tomorrow's Rio GP, claiming his and Suzuki's first pole position since his championship-winning year of 2000.

          The American rider's lap time backed up a strong performance throughout the four practice and qualifying sessions for the race and elicited shouts of appreciation in the media centre as his name appeared at the top of the list.

          It took even the rider by surprise.
          "I rode that lap absolutely perfect and I told myself that I was riding way too hard to only be qualified ninth or tenth as usual. Then I came into the pits and they told me I was on pole," smiled Roberts.

          Team-mate John Hopkins, riding the revised engine for the first time, was by contrast deep in the blues after struggling to find settings to suit the slippery and bumpy 4.933km Nelson Piquet circuit outside Rio. He was an unusual 17th fastest.

          Today's final qualifying took place in blazing sunshine with Brazil's winter temperature close to 30 degrees and the track temperature 37 degrees. Tomorrow's race, which unusually starts at 11:30 am rather than in the afternoon, is expected to be slightly cooler.

          Roberts has started from pole position nine times in the premier class. After the session, Suzuki test rider Gregorio Lavilla, watching on TV, telephoned to share the moment.

          KENNY ROBERTS Jr. – First position, 1:48.418:
          "We're starting to make some headway on tyres. Bridgestone have started to make steps forward again after problems over the last couple of races. Suzuki and myself have always been trying to get back to where we can be and frankly should be, given the level that I am able to ride and the motorcycles that they should be able to build. So it's nice to have a day of sunshine like this, to ride through the corners as one of the fastest, and end up with a faster time instead of doing it for the third or fourth row. To be honest, after I did that lap I thought to myself 'this is bullshit because I'm riding way too hard to be in my usual place.' I thought everyone else would be doing 47s. I rode that lap perfect. There's no way I could ride it any harder and I was expecting to come in and see ninth or tenth … and it was first. That's quite a surprise. It shows everybody that if we get some engine underneath us, we're going to be right there. As for the race prospect – the race is tomorrow. It's a good question."

          JOHN HOPKINS – 17th position, 1:50.350:
          "I couldn't tell you what the problem is. I've done everything I can, but we're just not where we need to be. We've tried Kenny's settings and a lot of other settings and I'm still struggling. It's the bumps and everything. I never have and I never will like this circuit, but it's one of the tracks on the calendar and it's the same for everybody. I wish I knew what was wrong then we could improve it."

          GARRY TAYLOR – Team Manager:
          "No smoke, no mirrors – just good old-fashioned hard riding on good tyres and team-work. Bridgestone have worked well here in the past - on pole and the rostrum last year - and Kenny rode really hard. It's an important day for us because it shows we're improving. It's the ability to turn on a bit of magic that makes a World Champion and that's what Kenny did today. This is a payback for the Suzuki factory and the Bridgestone factory after a lot of hard work. Tomorrow will be hard and John is having problems, though we know he will give his best and that he races better than he qualifies. We haven't turned the corner yet but at least we're not backing in to it!"

          Official combined practice time:
          1. Kenny Roberts USA, (Suzuki) 1'48.418
          2. Max Biaggi, ITA (Honda), 1'48.572
          3. Nicky Hayden USA (Honda)1'48.580
          4. Sete Gibernau, SPA (Honda), 1'48.618
          5. Alex Barros, BRA (Honda), 1'48.675
          6. Loris Capirossi ITA (Ducati), 1'48.844
          7. Makoto Tamada, JPN (Honda), 1'48.848
          8. Valentino Rossi, ITA (Yamaha), 1'49.075
          9. Shinya Nakano JAP (Kawasaki), 1'49.153
          10. Troy Bayliss USA (Ducati), 1'49.546
          11. Colin Edwards USA (Honda), 1'49.648
          12. Carlos Checa, SPA (Yamaha), 1'49.673
          13. Marco Melandri ITA (Yamaha) 1'49.773
          14. Alex Hofmann, GER (Kawasaki), 1'49.853
          15. Norick Abe JAP (Yamaha) 1'50.128
          17. John Hopkins USA (Suzuki) 1'50.350

          Rossi in 8th :? and Gibernau 4th :? Whats going on :!:


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            Yeah, What the ??????

            How long will he stay at the pointy end ??


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              Check this out - Suzuki on Pole :shock:
              The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse... Famine, Plague, Pestilence and Suzuki on pole.


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                SUZUKI!!!!!!! Finaly i can show my bike in public and not have to hide the fact that i ride a suzi now only if they can finish this race without embarressing themselves or am i hoping for too much!! :?:


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                  What a race!

                  Gibernau crashes out on lap 2 :oops: then Rossi crashes out just past the half way mark, while Biaggi and Tomada / Hayden fight it out.

                  Well done Tomada for taken out his first Moto GP win and for beating Biaggi 8)


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                    One of the best races in a long time. Good to see a new face on the podium - even better that Biaggi wasn't standing on the top one.
                    ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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                      Biaggi must be spewing, Sete fell off early so he thinks mmmm in with a chance then Rossi too, he'd be think its mine, it's mine, then his teamate opened up that tin of whoopass on him.....

                      So I guess Tamada had the best bike,engine, tyres , paint, lunch , wife and so on......

                      Can't wait to hear his excusses....


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                        AHAHAHA BIAGGI

                        Always the bridesmaid never the bride.

                        Where's that keleenex photo again.


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                          Great race and more than anything else it was great to see some genuinely happy faces on the podium unlike Sets's bum look from the week before!

                          The plot keeps getting thicker!

                          KENNARDS HIRE - Make Your Job EASY!


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