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  • AMA Round 13 - Updated with Results

    Mladin Edged Out Of Provisional Pole Position At Mid-Ohio

    From Mat Mladin Motorsports
    Friday, 23 July 2004
    2004 American AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship
    Round 13 & 14 – Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio, USA
    First Qualifying Session Report

    Lexington, Ohio, USA (Friday, July 23) – For a fleeting moment Mat Mladin held the fastest time of the opening qualifying session for this weekend's double-header round of the American AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, but his time was eclipsed by championship rival Miguel DuHamel who trailed Mladin throughout his final lap, coming away with the provisional pole winning time.

    Out on his fifteenth and final lap of the session, Mladin recorded his best time of the session, pushing his Yoshimura Suzuki GASX-R1000 to a 1-min 26.753-secs lap of the 3.86km / 2.40 miles Ohio circuit. Unfortunately this time was bettered by DuHamel who posted a 1:26.516 as he followed the four-times American Superbike Champion across the line as the session concluded. Both riders were just outside of Mladin's existing lap record of 1:26.498 that he set in 2001.

    "I knew that Miguel (DuHamel) had got in behind me and subsequently done a quicker lap, but I'm not too worried about that today," said Mladin. "We just have to see if he can do 28 of them tomorrow in the race."

    "Things are looking good at the moment for us. We posted the fastest time in the morning practice session and then did some good laps this afternoon. We spent a lot of the day sorting through race set-ups and we are happy with the times we did on race tyres. We only used the one softer qualifier at the end and that was it."

    "As for going quicker tomorrow, we'll try a few things with the bike tonight and see how we go. I think we're pretty close, the bike feels good around here."

    "The changed track surface could be a bit hard during the race. It's bad enough when you're on line, but if you are passing someone, you're not quite sure what that section of surface will hold for you. It's going to be interesting that's for sure."

    Rounding out the provisional front row of the grid and with one more qualifying session scheduled for tomorrow morning are Jake Zemke (Honda, 1:26.932) and Ben Bostrom (Honda, 1:26.984).

    With Mladin arriving at Mid-Ohio holding a 10-point lead in the championship over DuHamel, every point is crucial. With the AMA awarding a point for pole and an additional point for the rider who leads the most number of laps during the race, Mladin will be aiming to not only finish ahead of DuHamel in each of the weekend's two 26-lap Superbike Nationals, but would also like to add those extra points to his tally as well.

    AMA Superbike qualifying concludes tomorrow morning, before the first of the Superbike races takes to the track later in the afternoon.

    QUALIFYING, Rd's 13 & 14, 2004 AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship, Top 10 / Friday
    1. Miguel DuHamel (American Honda) 1:26.516 mins
    2. Mat Mladin (Yoshimura Suzuki) 1:26.753
    3. Jake Zemke (Erion Honda) 1:26.932
    4. Ben Bostrom (American Honda) 1:26.984
    5. Josh Hayes (Attack Kawasaki) 1:27.792
    6. Aaron Yates (Yoshimura Suzuki) 1:27.936
    7. Eric Bostrom (Ducati Austin) 1:28.923
    8. Larry Pegram (Yamaha) 1:30.081
    9. Jason Pridmore (Suzuki) 1:30.185
    10. Geoff May (Suzuki) 1:30.398

    2004 AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship (Points after 12 of 18 rounds)
    1. Mat Mladin (391, 5 wins); 2. Miguel DuHamel (381, 4 wins), 3. Jake Zemke (372, 1 win), 4. Eric Bostrom (268, 1 win), 5. Geoff May (262); 6. Ben Bostrom (247, 1 win), 7. John Haner (219), 8. Aaron Yates (216), 9. Eric Wood (199), 10. Josh Hayes (186).

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    RESULTS 8)

    Mladin Leaves Mid-Ohio With A 1st & 3rd Further Extending His Points Lead

    From Mat Mladin Motorsports
    Sunday, 25 July 2004
    2004 American AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship
    Round 13 & 14 – Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio, USA
    Rd 14 Race Report

    Lexington, Ohio, USA (Sunday, July 25) – After his stunning race win yesterday, Australian Mat Mladin adopted a different strategy for the second of the weekend's American AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship races, finishing a strong third, but more importantly came away from the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course holding an increased advantage at the top of the championship points table.

    With four races remaining in this year's 18-race championship, Mladin sits 21-points clear of today's race winner Jake Zemke (457 - 436) as he chases an unprecedented fifth American Superbike Championship aboard his Yoshimura Suzuki.

    Heading into today's fourteenth round of the championship, Mladin held a 15-point buffer over Miguel DuHamel (Honda), but that position changed on lap eleven of today's race when DuHamel crashed out of the race while holding down fifth place on the track and not adding to his points tally, leaving him third in the series 44-points adrift of Mladin.

    Race officials delayed the start of today's 26-lap Superbike National due to worsening weather conditions that saw light rain fall earlier in the day. Fortunately for the Superbike field, they were able to commence and complete their entire race without any effect of rain.

    Off the line Zemke (Honda) took full advantage of his pole position taking the race lead. Mladin held second on the opening lap before Ben Bostrom (Honda) got by pushing the Australian to third. From this point the trio held station at the top of the lap chart all the way to the flag where Zemke claimed his second race win of the year.

    "We didn't make too many changes to the bike that we took to victory yesterday, but today we weren't able to keep pace with Jake (Zemke)," said Mladin.

    "Jake was fast from the outset and we just sat in behind him and Ben (Bostrom) monitoring the pace of the race. Once I got the message that Miguel (DuHamel) had crashed was out of the race, we changed the strategy of our race and settled for a safe third rather than pushing unnecessarily hard to try and catch someone that we couldn't catch today."

    "It's nice to now have that 21-point break over Jake in the championship, and with just four races to go we have to try hard to hang on to it. We've got Road Atlanta and Virginia International Raceway to finish off the season and I think we should be able to put a good package together for both of those tracks."

    The championship now heads into a six-week break before the penultimate round of the championship at the Road Atlanta circuit on September 5 before moving to Virginia International Raceway two weeks later (September 19) for the season finale.

    Rd 14 RACE RESULT, 2004 AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship, 28 Laps, Top 10 / Sunday
    1. Jake Zemke (Erion Honda) 38:11.40 mins
    2. Ben Bostrom (American Honda) +12.723 seconds
    3. Mat Mladin (Yoshimura Suzuki) +22.394 secs
    4. Aaron Yates (Yoshimura Suzuki) +22.527 secs
    5. Josh Hayes (Attack Kawasaki) +34.098 secs
    6. Jake Holden (Suzuki) +56.891 secs
    7. Eric Bostrom (Ducati Austin) +1:05.234 mins
    8. Larry Pegram (Yamaha) +1:24.379
    9. Eric Wood (Suzuki) +1:24.469
    10. John Haner (Suzuki) +1:24.711

    Rd 13 RACE RESULT, 2004 AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship, 28 Laps, Top 10 / Saturday
    1. Mat Mladin (Yoshimura Suzuki) 38:17.98 mins
    2. Miguel DuHamel (American Honda) +0.337 seconds
    3. Aaron Yates (Yoshimura Suzuki) +5.811 secs
    4. Ben Bostrom (American Honda) +8.097 secs
    5. Jake Zemke (Erion Honda) +9.925 secs
    6. Josh Hayes (Attack Kawasaki) +29.224 secs
    7. Eric Bostrom (Ducati Austin) +44.141 secs
    8. Jake Holden (Suzuki) +62.663 secs
    9. John Haner (Suzuki) +86.148 secs
    10. Larry Pegram (Yamaha) +86.621 secs

    2004 AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship (Points after 14 of 18 rounds)
    1. Mat Mladin (457, 6 wins); 2. Jake Zemke (436, 2 win), 3. Miguel DuHamel (413, 4 wins), 4. Eric Bostrom (336, 1 win), 5. Ben Bostrom (306, 1 win), 6. Geoff May (299); 7. Aaron Yates (272), 8. John Haner (262), 9. Eric Wood (239), 10. Josh Hayes (237).