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Honda creates history!!!!

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  • Honda creates history!!!!

    Its official.

    Honda and Adam Fergusson have created history.

    First time ever!

    Dual Championship title - Supersport and Superbike.

    Honda wins dual Manufacturers Title.

    GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! HONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hence the only reason to buy a HONDA!!!!!!!!!!

    You dont have to take them home on a trailer either do you Nath
    Quote: "What do i like about the GP?......The Crumpet I S&#39;pose" <span style="font-family:Times">The Late Barry Sheene &#39;01</span>


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      Young Bryan Staring took out the Australian 125cc title in (i think) his second year of road racing. The kid can get a 600 around Wanneroo as well. Keep an eye on the kid next year!!!!

      Congrats to Adam, I would like to see Dan Stauffer have an injury free season. The championship could have been very different this year. Roll on 2005


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        Well done all, and go HONDA

        As Ben said well done Brian 8) 125cc Champion in his second year and your not joking about how fast he is on a 600 :shock:

        Word is he will be on a 600 next year.


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          Yeah he will concentrate on 600s next year on the nationals i believe. Shedloads of talent and still only learning!!!!