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Tyres at Yamaha - 4 bikes, 3 supply deals from Michelin

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  • Tyres at Yamaha - 4 bikes, 3 supply deals from Michelin

    For next season, yamaha have asked michelin to supply tyres to 3 bikes only.

    Yamaha has 4 bikes.

    It looks like Rossi will be running bridgestones next year, and this is an astounding indication of the amount of clout that he has!
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    Either that, or Edwards is going to be running Dunlops?
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      Be pretty funny if michelin pulls out all stops and makes a kick-ass set of tyres
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        Shinko mate, all the way!
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          Yep to me, rossi is blaming yamies inline 4 and michelin tyres. Sounds like at Philip island interview give me duc and bridgestone tyres or ill quit. :hurr:
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            That's if the control tyre doesn't come in....
            Now the controversy begins, I think it'd suck.
            We'll find out soon!

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     - MotoGP News: Rossi: Michelin must improve durability
              check it