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New Honda - No Ram Air?

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  • New Honda - No Ram Air?

    The new Honda debuted by Pedrosa and Hayden yesterday look like it didn't have any air intakes at the front.

    So, do you reckon Honda have them hidden away, or are they trying something new?
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    possibly under the nose.
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      a closer look show ports under the nose section..
      rounded oblong, similar to a ducati exhaust
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        The new Blade doesn't have ram-air, either. Intakes grab air from above the radiator, me thinks.
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          Its still a honda..Boooo Boooo


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            looks even more like a 250gp bike and smaller too!


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              an air intake just above the radiator is ram air. It depends on the shape of the scope and its location whether it is ram air or cold air induction.

              The 04-05 ZX10 has a frontal scope but if you modified it a small amount it would be much more effective as ram air, it would look a bit shitty but if you checked the air pressure in the air box under a set speed and throttle position it would be higher.
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                Testing on older streetbikes

                Sport Rider-ram air induction test for sport bike motorcycles

                Sport Rider-Ram Air Test of sport bikes on the motorcycle dyno

                good articles