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Will Team KR be back

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  • Will Team KR be back

    I heard Team KR may already have a sponsorship package, but they need to field two bikes.

    What's the concenus? Do you think Team KR will be back for 2008? With which engine/tyre package? Who would ride it? Is there a chance that it could be Dunlop?

    Personally, I hope they make it. It would be a sad way to end. Having to field the "slow" brother, falling off the back of the field.
    "It's just a motorcyle race" - Mick Doohan, post-race press conference, Phillip Island.

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    Haven't seen anthing on paper yet.

    It'd be good to see both KR brothers out there next season.
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      I just hope they do something with all that engineering expertise they have tied up in that KR operation.

      I dunno why Kenny Sr cant just go back to Japan and ask for some Factory Yamaha's. The whole reason he split from Yamaha in the 90's was because he didnt think the Yamaha factory could make chassis changes quick enough for him - Well that team hasnt really set the world on fire with their own chassis fabricators, since then - You know, hes tried making his own, for fucks sake after 15 years, just go buy some and have some success again.
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        The only reason Team KR and Yamaha were winning in the 90's was because of Wayne Rainey.. Even Wayne Rainey himself said the bikes were "Junk"..Kenny Snr too... Wayne also said that if the bikes wasn't wrigling then you wern't going fast enough..


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          i think its time for Team KR to hang up the tyre warmers for good


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            Haven't heard anything recently, last I heard they were definitely not going to use Honda engines.

            Ducati was rumoured to be the one, but then again, would Ducati want the association with another chassis builder, and the consequent loss of control.

            So the next move is, who's going to eat humble pie and ask Mr Yamaha for engines.

            But then again, would anyone really want Yamaha MotoGP engines??????

            Not being bitchy, but they didn't set the world on fire in 2007.


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              From Kropotkin Thinks (here).

              "...The Italian site is reporting that Team KR are in talks with Ilmor to supply engines for the 2008 season".

              Could be interesting.....
              "It's just a motorcyle race" - Mick Doohan, post-race press conference, Phillip Island.


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                Here is a link to the Ducati story, but just as with Desmo's link, it's a bit October.


                Here's just one para

                Despite speculation that the British-based team was closing in on a deal to join forces with the Ilmor squad, Team Roberts manager Chuck Aksland has confirmed to MCN the preferred option is to link up with Ducati.
                So the only definite is that there's nothing definite.
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                  Latest, like this month's news is that Team KR will not race in 2008.

         is reporting that Team KR will not compete in MotoGP next year.

                  Apparently they had a deal with Ducati to lease last year's works GP07 for 5 million euro for the season.

                  But apparently Team KR ran out of sponsors.

                  Bit of a shame....and still no word on whether the Ilmor will be back...prolly not either.


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                    You can buy some of their bits for your sportsbike! home page
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                      According to, Team KR is still trying to negotiate sponsorship so they can run a satellite Ducati.

                      It looks as though they would not have enough time to develop their own chassis - which may be a blessing in disguise.

                      Full link.

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