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Rossi wins???

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  • Rossi wins???

    Valentino Rossi has received a 10 second penalty for passing under a yellow flag at the Donigton GP yesterday after once again destroying his competition. Biaggi has now been relegated to first, Gibernau second and Rossi had a big enough lead across the line to be put back only to third place.

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    Yep.... if he kept pushing on once he had a decent lead over Biaggi he coulda prolly still won


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      Yeah its hard to say because he wasn't shown a penalty board or anything during the race but if he was it might have been a different story.


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        Yeah i reckon he woulda been able to still win... coz he pulled a fair lead then backed off a bit... i was just hoping to see Biaggi low-side it (not hurt or nuthin) just so i could laugh at him along with the rest of the world

        hope yer not a Biaggi fan


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          Not much of a fan, but a lot of people forget the championships he has won and that he is running second to Rossi...... have we got a racing section in the forum?


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            World MotoGP Standings


            Max BIAGGI is actually 3rd in the championship on 130, Sete GIBERNAU is second, ahead by 3 points on 133, with Valentino ROSSI on 167.

            Its true though about the championships Max has previously won but none of them were in the Premier 500 class.

            He would probably do alot better in the GP Class if he concentrated more on his own riding than the other guys.

            If you remember, he was complaining when he rode a Honda the first time against DOOHAN. He reckoned he would of done better on the Yamaha as DOOHAN had the factory Honda. What happens, he gets the Yamaha Factory ride but then says its not as good as the Honda.

            He now goes back to Honda but is presently complaining Valentino gets the works parts before anyone else. True but het thats what happens when your world champ.

            Mick DOOHAN stated it the best I believe "Max is an awesome rider full of potential but he stayed too long in the minor class. He should of moved into the 500's sooner but I believe he believed he didn't have what it takes.

            What say you...


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              Shit...... Sete second and then Biaggi :oops:
              Biaggi's style is very smooth (250cc) so that would make sense in what Doohan is saying. Biaggi is going to have to keep blaming something because as long as Rossi is out there he aint going to win the championship. Rossi's bike control is unreal and I think he is a bit like Doohan in the respect that if they threw another 30 horsepower at the thing Rossi would be the only one able to ride it properly, Biaggi would have trouble with his style. Same as Doohan when he went back to the "Big Bang" configuration on the NSR when Criville was starting to catch him. Doohan new he would be the only one able to tame that bike and being world champ Honda built it for him to his liking.


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                Good idea on the racing section in the forum Ben, you have just be deligated as Moderator.

                As we all know Rossi's race plan, Rossi would have just been sitting comfortably 2 to 3 seconds ahead of Max.

                If he had have known he would have to win by 5 seconds, he coulda pulled that out of his arse over 5 laps.

                So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                  Would be nice to see what the man can do on a Ducati in a year or two.


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                    Rossi didnt know he was goin to recievce a penalty untill the race was over , right.. this in mind do u think if he had known , he could have won?

                    1) he would have pushed harder.

                    2) max may have eased off to avoid accedents? knowing that as long as he dont fall to far behind, he will win?
                    Nick :twisted:


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                      Rossi is god.

                      As you can see from a few weeks back, if he wanted to put a second a lap on Biaggi, he would have. Walk in the park.

                      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                        If Valentino is God (which I believe to be true)

                        then Troy Bayliss is the second coming.

                        How good is the guy to come from the Superbikes (Former World Champ in first full year of racing Superbikes) and perform like he has and be on the podium already on what is a bike that is totally developmental and also in its first year.

                        Go Troy!!!

                        Watchout once Ducati has developed the bike to be a little nicer on the tyres throughout the race.


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                          Bayliss is a legend, he is so aggressive on the bike. Just the way he muscles the thing around a track is awesome to watch. Did anyone get the chance to see him backing it into turn one at Wanneroo during the Aussie championships. I think he was riding for Team Kawasaki then, bloody poetry in motion!


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                            So bennys got his own section!!

                            They have said before that biaggi stayed in 250's for a long time and because of that his style didn't suit the premier class it was too smooth and not as aggresive. Rossi on the other hand had time to adjust his style and also had a mick doohan helping him.


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                              Anyone catch the GP last night?? Rossi is feeling the pressure!! That little mistake on the final corner aint going to help him negotiating with Honda on his contract. He really needed to win that one and you could tell from his riding. Hats off to Sete, he may even challenge Rossi for the championship still and well done to Bayliss. Bring on Phillip Island where he will hopefully get a win!!!