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Where Is The 2005 Australian Superbike Championship Heading?

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  • Where Is The 2005 Australian Superbike Championship Heading?

    Where Is The 2005 Australian Superbike Championship Heading?

    It’s that time of year when there are more false rumours going around then there are facts relating to what is happening with the Australian Superbike Championship for the next season. Considering that most rumours are so far off of the mark and often end up being believed by many competitors and teams AUSCO has decided to let everyone in on what has been finalised and what is under serious consideration.

    What has been finalised?

    The 2005 Australian Championship classes that will compete in the ASC will be the same as in 2004.

    FX Pro-Twins

    There will be a number of support classes as there was in 2004 but what the final make up of those are is still yet to be finalised. FX Pro-Twins and Nakedbike will not be combined as was recommended by the Road Race Commission; they will be stand-alone classes again in 2005. NK-Lites, the sub-class of Nakedbike will be renamed NakedBike-Lites for 2005.

    Whether of not the 250GP class retains Championship status will be decided after it is clearer what support the class has once the FX –TT November event is run.

    What is under consideration for 2005?

    The number of rounds is likely to again be seven depending on the level of sponsorship. Not all classes will go to every round, again similar to what happened in 2004. I can confirm that Superbike will take part at all rounds.

    At this stage until the calendar is finalised the season is looking like it will start in early April and the series finale will more then likely be in November. The last round of the series will be for all classes competing in the series.

    Are their any changes to how the Premier class will be run?

    At this stage serious consideration is being given to having two longer races for the premier Superbike class in 2005. Also under consideration is that Superbike will only be open to A & B graders.

    What would happen to C & D grade Superbike competitors?

    If the Superbike races are limited to A & B graders then obviously that would impact heavily on C & D grade Superbike competitors wanting to compete in the ASC. To off set this, the present C&D Grade Feature Races would be renamed and recognised as a support class, the new C&D grade class would have its number of races increased to three races per round. The new C&D Grade class, apart from becoming the class, where all C & D grade Superbike competitors compete in would still be open to cross entry from C & D grade competitors in Pro-Twins, Nakedbike and Supersport. The C&D Grade Feature race format worked well this year and if it was expanded then chances are many more C & D Grade Superbike competitors would enter the event when the ASC comes to town. A number of C & D graders have said they didn’t enter the ASC this year as even though they did want to compete in the C&D Grade Feature races they didn’t want to have to try and qualify and race against the factory teams. This way C & D graders would have their very own class.

    Will the possible changes for Superbike also happen to Supersport?

    Again consideration is being given to having two longer races for the Supersport class, the same as for Superbike. At present none of the other possible changers mentioned here are being considered for Supersport.

    Obviously there are many other details that aren’t mentioned here that need to be finalised and released as soon as possible, both M.A and AUSCO are working towards finalising everything that needs to be done ASAP so we can keep all stake holders informed so plans for 2005 can be finalised.

    If you have questions about what has been written here then please call me in office hours I will always try and point competitors and teams in the right direction where I can.

    This release is intended to clear up many of the false and potentially reckless rumours going around at present. Obviously many things mentioned are in the “ under serious consideration basket” and are yet to be finalised for 2005 but even though that is the case AUSCO and M.A believes that it is best that all competitors are aware of what is on the drawing board. This way competitors are aware of the direction the series is heading in and won’t make plans based on false stories doing the rounds.

    Comment is invited on what is planned and proposed in this release, provided that is comments are constructive and objective rather then just trying to stir things up. I find it necessary to say this because of previous poor behaviour exhibited by a number of people on this website.
    I have no problem with criticism providing it is objective and constructive; if comments are obviously aimed at causing trouble then I will take exception. This series and road racing in Australia is important to those that are involved in it and it deserves to be treated as such with respect. If comments aren’t objective then don’t complain when I don’t put them up.

    Terry O'Neill

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    Lotsa news then Cal, give us a rundown on FlatChat in the next few weeks!