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WSB 2007 Brno Round on DVD?

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  • WSB 2007 Brno Round on DVD?

    Does anyone have this on DVD? It was on Fox last Saturday but for some reason it didn't record for me. I will have the whole 2007 WSB season on DVD, or at least would have if I didn't fcuk it up last Saturday. Too many red wines I guess....

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    Hey buddy,

    I've got the complete season on my computer. I can convert it to dvd format and burn you a copy if you like?

    Would an auto running dvd with two chapters be alright? Chapter 1 = Race 1, 2 = 2 that sort of thing?



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      You're a champ! I was really pissed when I discovered it hadn't worked. :o

      What ever is easiest for you is fine by me

      I'll come and collect - with a half dozen of your choice of beer


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        Burning it off now mate. Just put a little title menu in with the option for race 1 or 2 for ya

        You could either grab it tomorrow evening or anytime over the weekend if you like. I live in Padbury but I also work in Subiaco if that's easier for you. I'll PM you my address.

        Also you don't need to bring anything!! Happy to help someone out! But if you feel so compelled too... haha I hear Heinekin is quite nice.


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          Thanx Tim PM sent