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Bayliss to stay in MotoGP

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  • Bayliss to stay in MotoGP

    OK, just a brief one guys. From what I've been told Troy is looking at a MotoGP team for next year. He's not letting up on what team it is but he's got a good chance of riding another MotoGP bike in 2005.

    In his words he'd give his little pinky to get this ride. But he also said that worst case scenario he'll go back to Superbikes even though it's not really what he wants to do.

    He's still pretty bitter about the situation with Ducati because he's been riding the red beasts since 1998. This weekend he's at a track that he knows well and really enjoys so lets see if he gives it to them!!

    Watch this space.

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    GOOOOOO Bayliss .....
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      Ok, another thing I'll add is that there's bugger all chance he'll be riding a green machine next year as well.