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Moto GP Round 16 - First Practice and qualify

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  • Moto GP Round 16 - First Practice and qualify

    Looking good today guys, some good times with Kenny Roberts putting in a huge effort after suffering a nasty elbow dislocation in September.

    1. Roberts 1m33.9 :shock:
    2. Rossi 1m34.5
    3. Hayden 1m34.6
    4. Barros 1m34.7
    5. Checa 1m34.9
    6. Gibernau 1m35.1
    7. Abe 1m35.1
    8. Biaggi 1m35.2
    9. Bayliss 1m35.2
    10. Edwards 1m35.2
    11. Tamada 1m35.6
    12. Capirossi 1m35.6
    13. Hopkins 1m35.7
    14. Nakano 1m35.8
    15. Melandri 1m36.4
    16. Xaus 1m36.4
    17. Hofmann 1m36.4
    18. Aoki 1m36.8
    19. McWilliams 1m36.9
    20. Hodgson 1m37.2
    21. McCoy 1m37.3
    22. Jacque 1m38.0
    23. Ellison 1m38.6
    24. Ku Roberts 1m39.1
    25. Burns 1m39.7

    Obviosly Rossi taking it easy in the practice session, if you call 2nd place going easy!

    Stoner went easy with a 7th placing time of 1m42.8

    In qualifying a big change with Tamada sneaking in second behind Gibernau and how's this!!! Bayliss, cruising in 4th possie. Could be a great day for the Aussie come Sunday.

    1. Gibernau 1m33.5
    2. Tamada 1m33.5
    3. Rossi 1m33.7
    4. Bayliss 1m34.1
    5. Biaggi 1m34.2
    6. Capirossi 1m34.3
    7. Edwards 1m34.3
    8. Hopkins 1m34.4
    9. Nakano 1m34.4
    10. Barros 1m34.5
    11. Checa 1m34.5
    12. Hofmann 1m34.55
    13. Xaus 1m34.8
    14. Hayden 1m34.9
    15. Abe 1m35.0
    16. McWilliams 1m35.1
    17. Melandri 1m35.3
    18. Lavilla 1m35.8
    19. Aoki 1m35.9
    20. Hodgson 1m36.1
    21. Jacque 1m37.1
    22. McCoy 1m37.2
    23. Ku Roberts 1m37.9
    24. Ellison 1m38.4
    25. Burns 1m38.6

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    Would be awesome to see Bayliss stick it up Ducati with a big finish this week.


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      Kenny Roberts is out and Gregorio Lavilla will be taking his place after Roberts experienced to much pain in his elbow after just a few laps. Even though he's posted some of the fastest times Roberts has said that he just won't have the strength to keep up with the whole race.


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        Would be awesome to see Bayliss stick it up Ducati with a big finish this week. *
        Im with dugy on this one go Bayliss !!!!!! and rossi as well.......

        "Nothing to see here move along"