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2020 MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 discussion thread (Spoilers)

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  • 2020 MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 discussion thread (Spoilers)

    So, the 2020 MotoGP circus... what awaits?
    • How will Marc recover from shoulder surgery? Last year’s surgery was far more serious and involved than this year’s - and we all know how he went this year…
    • How close will Fabio get to challenging Marc? Or is 2021 more realistic? I don’t think Fabio is sold on the 2020 engine
    • Is Vin a championship contender? Who else other than Marc and Fabio?
    • What's Zarco doing? Is he doing backflips in another championship or going to Avintia who he bagged and who have proven themselves to be complete pricks in their dismissal/treatment of Abraham?
    • Marc has asked for the best bike, not an easier to ride one – how will this affect Crutchlow, and of course, Alex?
    • What vanity will Iannone fall victim to next? Will he seek a helmet exemption to show off his recently renovated jawline?
    • Who else will tear up contracts as seems to be the flavour of the month thing to do?
    • Will Rossi retire? Will Crutchlow retire?
    • Who’s the easy target now Lorenzo’s off either sunning himself shirtless in warmer climes or being entertained at his mansion by his harem?
    • Will Rins start to get the results he's capable of, and consistently? If not, where to in 2021?
    • ​​​​​​​Who's getting the Factory Ducati seats in 2021?
    • Which Rookie will shine the brightest?
    • Will Yamaha up their top speed to rival Honda and Ducati?
    • Which bike will have the best moustache? Honda or Suzuki?
    • How many more wings will Ducati sprout?
    • Will Aprilia start to have some decent results or will they remain the Factory booby prize seat?
    • How close to the front will KTM be by the end of 2020?
    • What new tech will be introduced by exploiting loopholes à la the Ducati pooper scooper?

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    Lots of questions, i am wondering how Marc will be after he finishes racing with all of the shoulder damage at this age.

    I would like to Rossi win his last championship.
    Fabio is going to be a great chance at going to win in 2020.


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      If the bikes are on a more equal footing;

      Whoever comes second could lay claim to be the winner as MM will continue to shine.
      Pramac team to eclipse the factory team.
      Mir to surprise similar to Fabio this year.
      Fabio and Mav to fly the Yammie flag.
      KTM to rattle some cages.
      Hopefully Rossi wins a race at his home GP and pulls the pin.
      Cal can win all the races and the title, so no change there.
      They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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        Originally posted by chew View Post
        Cal can win all the races and the title, so no change there.
        Heh. Many funnies.
        i *think* even Cal knows the Honda has basically evolved to be unridable by anyone but Marc thereby eliminating him as a championship contender and maybe even podium getter.

        Doco on Olivera:
        So many riders and their families have done it tough in order for their kids to go racing.
        I enjoyed the eye candy of the subject matter.


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          Zarco's supposed deal is with Ducati. (Avintia)

          - Mike


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            So... which round will Zarco rage quit Avintia? I say Silverstone/Misano. WSBK in 2021.

            OK, maybe not if he has a direct route to a factory bike in 2021 but if he doesn't gel with the bike (he is Lorenzo-like in that he needs a bike he doesn't have to adapt to) then like KTM, he won't see any point continuing. Ducati have pulled strings to get him the ride so will probably throw everything at him. I don't think he's going to give them the much sought after championship though. Petrucci won't be there in 2021, and if the rumour about Vinales is true, Dovi may not be there either. Dovi's had his time in the sun.