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2021 MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 discussion thread (Spoilers)

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    Originally posted by Grado View Post

    Nada. Don't agree. Mir was riding what some would call dirty.

    That Mir was running out of track was not Millers problem.

    What Mir did and Miller did are two separate matters.

    From the TV vision it is 50/50 if Miller did anything wrong. Race control cleared him so maybe there was nothing in it. However, from the screen shot above, it clearly shows Miller who has exited a right hander and is going into another right hander, LEANING LEFT with his elbow out!

    Mir was trying to pass Miller, Miller was trying to punt MIR of the track.

    All these guys are going 100% and so passing other riders in corners is never easy and sometimes, riders push too much. Mir acknowledged this.

    In saying that, I don't think Miller needed to sit up. That was an over reaction. If you get punted of, it will happen before you know it. Its the sitting up which cost him the place, not Mir putting a wheel inside Millers bike.

    Getting frustrated because a rookie in his second race, on a satellite team is beating you is no reason to lash out at other riders.


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      Sell it somewhere else. Fact is Mir had already gotten into another guy before the first incident with Jack.
      Fact is he ran it into Miller hard enough to stand him up.
      Fact is Minutes later Mir went wide to the point he was in the stripes, which done too many times a race will get a guy docked. For a reason. Race control considers that reckless riding.
      Fact is Mir by inches missed getting in the grass by turning hard right into Miller, when he was running out of runoff pavement.

      That Miller held his elbow up, heck, he saw the trouble Mir was in, knew he was probally gonna just ram him again instead of gettin in the grass, so he braced for what was coming. I woulda done the same thing.

      Na, Mir outta just shut his trap, the powers that be look closely, it's Mir that might get yanked up.

      As far as you guys thinking Miller was pissed because he was getting beat by a rookie, thats a crap statement.
      you weren't there. I'm sure Miller didn't call anyone on this board and bitch about it. So really, you don't know.
      Thing is, Jack was in the middle of a bad case of arm pump. Bad enough to have his arm sliced from his wrist to his elbow 3 days later. To claim he was concerned on where Bagnaia or Martin was, when he couldn't even feel his throttle or front brake, is imo a stretch.
      Almost funny really, gets his arm sliced up when it was probally him a nervous wreck, overgripping the handlebars, having to ride around with the idiot that Mir was being.

      Hey, here's a bit of food for thought.
      Total conjecture on my part.
      What if a team would suddenly lose its leader. A smart, steady guy, that won the brass ring on being consistent.
      And that guy's wasn't replaced.
      What could happen to a bunch of guys, left kinda unchecked, feeling they were the shit, they were the champs, and nobody had a right to even dare get in their way.
      What could happen?


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        The big dog is back!!