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ASBK alongside V8 Supercars at the L&H500

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  • ASBK alongside V8 Supercars at the L&H500

    Rumour has it the Australian Superbikes will be alongside the V8 Supercars at this years Phillip Island L&H500.

    This will be excellent for the ASBK, giving it television coverage on Seven during the V8 supercar coverage, which generates some pretty big ratings figures.
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    It won't translate into TV on seven. The SBK series has contract with ten/one. It will however give the biggest crowds a SBK race has seen in many a year.

    edit: according to a little birdy who may or may not reside in St Kilda, seven will be broadcasting the bikes for this event, although I'll remain sceptical until it actually goes to air. Just because it's part of their broadcast deal, doesn't mean they have to show it. (see other support catergorys).
    Channel seven have never been healthy for any sport they have the rights to.
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      ARRC used to share rounds with the V8's in the 90's.

      For bike riders its oil slicks all round, but the TV exposure is good I spose.

      The TV coverage has been shithouse for our national series for well over a decade, I love how we get more AMA, BSB, and irish road race series on our TV's than our local stuff - A great feet compared to how many world champions Australia has produced.

      Promotors of ARRC = fuckwits interested in $$$, and not the sport sadly
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        we had 2+4 meetings in the 70's/80's in melbourne. the track was always kinda slippery for the bikes. good exposure to joe public tho

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          very dangerous in my opinion, but it will generate capital for the following seasons.
          difficult decision really, have money or lose money???
          but oil on the track is a large concern.


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            Originally posted by Rob View Post
            Promotors of ARRC = fuckwits interested in $$$, and not the sport sadly
            Since when was it never about the money? Nobody cares about the sport/game/whatever anymore.....
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