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  • Lorenzo = Ducati ?

    Lorenzo linked to 7million euro Ducati deal - Motorcycle racing news: Moto GP - Visordown

    Lorenzo linked to 7million euro Ducati deal

    Is the iconic Italian manufacturer after bagging Jorge for 2010?
    Posted: 17 August 2009
    by Visordown News

    SPANISH ACE Jorge Lorenzo has been offered a 7-million euro deal to ride for Ducati, according to European press reports.
    Sources say the Italian manufacturer is willing to lash out the exorbitant some of money to secure the Spaniard's services, following the company's disastrous 2009 season.
    If Lorenzo opts to take the deal it's expected he will replace Nicky Hayden, following the American's performance over the last year. Hayden's team-mate, Casey Stoner, is currently taking a break from racing due to a mystery illness.
    So will Jorge take a gamble on the big-bucks deal, or stay with Yamaha and race what's arguably the best bike on the MotoGP grid?
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    If Lorenzo is serious about being a world champ then he's stupid to leave Yamaha right now. It's the best ride atm. Maybe one day he'll learn to stop crashing.
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      Well, at least they are reporting that he's gonna take Hayden ride and not Stoners!


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        If this has an element of truth (and not just a rumour started by media interests) then does it indicate that Ducati may know more about Stoners health than has been let on. IF (stressed) Stoner has a potential long term problem, then this may be a desperate effort to get a rider to replace him. If Stoner has a chronic fatique syndrome this could take a long time to overcome, possibly a couple of years.

        If you were in the Ducati and Marlboro management what would you do if Stoner's illness potentially put him out for next season, and you knew Lorenzo was potentially looking for a move?
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          I would stop people referring to him as Rossi's team mate


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            I wouldn't call this year disastrous for ducati. Hayden is doing a thousand times better than melandri did last year. Stoner has been up there, it's just unfortunate for them with his illness.
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              Did lorenzo laugh his arse off?

              Sure, he's under the shadow of rossi somewhat at yamaha right now, but its clear Rossi isn't going to be there forever - he's doing good things for them and is extremely competitive, he'd have to be retarded to leave. Especially going to the ducati, reputably difficult to ride/adjust to, especially with the limited testing they now have.

              Sounds to me that ducati are desperate to get anyone to ride that thing at the moment.
              “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa


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                Linked to Spanish Press.

                I reckon it's just the rumour mill in full swing, turning in the wrong direction.
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                  Ahm.... that is 3million more than yamaha...

                  Hope he stays...


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                    Even if it's true, it's hard to call either way.

                    Would you give up the Yamaha for the wildcard that is the Ducati, the possibility of a team that won't tolerate you pushing so hard you frequently crash, and just the general discomfort of having to switch teams, all for a little extra moolah?

                    If I was in his shoes, there'd have to be threats from Yamaha over his riding style, disagreement with the team, and an unspoken agreement with Ducati that he would continue to do what he's been doing all year to push me to change teams. I can only hope that he's thinking the same thing.

                    Given that both Lorenzo and Rossi will chase the pole position in any race to their detriment, and Yamaha appears tolerant of this (and, indeed, it certainly isn't hurting their fan base over just playing it safe instead), he's not exactly being short-changed, and Yamaha took the gamble on him to begin with, I'd have to think that he'd want to stay with Yamaha. Money would only dictate the decision in that circumstance if he was looking at retiring or had debts (or a $1000/day faberge egg habit?).


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                      Originally posted by rc_sam View Post
                      If Lorenzo is serious about being a world champ then he's stupid to leave Yamaha right now. It's the best ride atm. Maybe one day he'll learn to stop crashing.
                      Is yamaha really the best?

                      Rossi seams to be a champ on anything and Lorenzo has already won 06 and 07 250 tittles so he's also got the skills


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                        Originally posted by jack frost View Post
                        Is yamaha really the best?

                        Rossi seams to be a champ on anything and Lorenzo has already won 06 and 07 250 tittles so he's also got the skills
                        Did you see the race at Brno?
                        Spoiler: show
                        If Lorenzo didn't get too ambitious, both Yamahas would have finished 15 seconds ahead of Pedrosa.

                        It's clear that both riders are very good, but Yamaha has definitely got something right this year.


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                          Yamaha has Jeremy Burgess I guess that kinda helps a little (how many world championship bikes has he setup?)


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                            if he no's whats good for him he will stay on the yamaha!
                            could he beat rossi to the championship on the same equipment?
                            its a celebration BITCHES!


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                              Lorenzo to remain with Fiat Yamaha in 2010

                              Tuesday, 25 August 2009
                              Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo will continue his career in MotoGP as a Fiat Yamaha rider alongside Valentino Rossi.

                              Jorge Lorenzo and Yamaha Motor Company have signed a one year extension to the current rider agreement that will see Lorenzo, presently second in the 2009 MotoGP World Championship standings, as team mate of reigning MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi for another year.

                              Lorenzo to remain with Fiat Yamaha in 2010 | The Official MotoGP Website