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Troy bayliss at PI + Bathurst

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  • Troy bayliss at PI + Bathurst

    According to one of my sources:

    Troy Bayliss WILL be racing at Phillip Island and Bathurst, with Dean Fiore in the #12 Holden Commodore.

    Pity he isnt on a bike.

    More news when i hear it.
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    just had a look at and he's listed in the Friday practice times. Shame, I woulda liked to have seen him in the 888 car...


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      888 is changing to Holden next year because Ford has droppped factory support.
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        Ford are so fucking dumb ... they got belted for 10+ years ... got back on board. won for 3 or so years and have pulled their support again and now everyone is getting back off.

        when will they learn they need to put money in EVERY year to stay on top.


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          Viper: maybe they have realised that staying on top means sweet fuck all. If it costs more then they get back from it, why do it?

          I could understand if it was an actual production series, but those cars are so far removed from what is in the showrooms that it's pretty much a futile exercise.
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            maybe i'm wrong but when they started getting on top in V8's they also started producing some decent cars for family folk.

            it won't be surprising if both drop off in the next few years and I won't think its a coincidence.


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              The Ford V8 has been dropping off for awhile now as the turbo 6 is a much better buy performance and handling wise, also Ford dosen't have the same backing from the US as Holden/GM does.
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                Didn't GM go bankrupt recently?

                Rumours are that there's a supercharged V8 coming out from Ford soon.


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                  GM import Holdens as Pontiacs, Ford US don't hold the same regard for Ford Aus.
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