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Aus superbikes/V8s end of april at barbs

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  • Aus superbikes/V8s end of april at barbs

    Anybody know format/support races etc?

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    Programme includes V8 Supercars, Porsche Carrera Cup, V8 Utes, Touring Car Masters, and ASBK, which includes Superbike and Superstock 1000 classes. More info on the Pitstop Bookshop site.


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      And guess whos working as a medic...and offered a ride in the chase car....fingers crossed - so no GeeDee, no collie this easter for me :-( but still happy


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        Huh ? What the...? Is your calendar broken, Nursette ? V8s are the weekend AFTER Easter Collie. If you're a Medic, you're into the V8s for free. Get yo' skinny butt down to Collie for the Saturday ride/practice/tuning day, you need the laps. And don't go all soft and sentimental on me about battle fatigue , 'cos I'll be working at the V8s the weekend after as well.
        Might be time for the prescription for the Concrete Pills, buddy...


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          ha ha ha gee dee! Guess Im free then! The guy I usly come down with is in USA for 3 weeks. If I find a mate to come with me to help load, unload the bike then me a spot, Ill be there :-)
          and tee hee hee bout concrete pills.....just means after it all, I will DESERVE my beer......that you will be buying me


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            No risk ! See you if you can make it, otherwise see you at the V8s, bud.